Due to mechanical failures, the City of Moose Jaw has announced delays for garbage collection. Darrin Stephanson, the Manager of Utilities of the city of Moose Jaw explained how it will affect the city today.

"We do expect the shortage to continue in (Tuesday), so likely the avenues will be affected (Tuesday). Curbside pickup in Sunningdale, a little quicker route for us will get finished, but the avenues, a little slower going, so those will be carried into Wednesday, so we're hoping by end of day Wednesday that things will be back on track."

Stephanson says that the Northwest area of Moose Jaw will be collected today instead of yesterday, and went on to explain what caused the failures and the subsequent delays.

"It's various mechanical issues, the fleet is aged, it is up for replacement and new trucks are on the way, but the lead time on these units is fairly long, so until they get here, we will continue to work with the old fleet, and yeah, really it was just, we had multiple failures across 3 units today, some small, some a little more major, so just, the normal stuff to work through with the older fleet."

If you have any questions about your waste pickup, you can call the City of Moose Jaw's Engineering Department at 306-694-4448.