The trial of Estes Fonkalsrud resumed on Tuesday for day 2 against the local lawyer accused of contact for a sexual purpose, sexual assault, and inviting to touch in a sexual manner.

There was a larger gallery in attendance for the day, with many curious what the defendant would have to say in response to Monday's testimonies.

Day 2 was short-lived, however. After an early adjournment in the morning, Fonkalsrud surprised the room by dismissing his defence attorneys at the start of the afternoon. Fonkalsrud was adamant that it was his decision and not the defence teams, also stating that he was not planning on representing himself.

The defendant was noticeably more nervous during day 2 as well, playing with his tie and fidgeting for most of the short-lived session.

Justice Mills was visibly annoyed at the news of the defendant releasing his defence team, saying that he and the Crown were both prepared to resolve the trial this week and that another adjournment would just delay the process which has already been stalled several times over the past two years.

The prosecutor was planning on calling 5 more witnesses to the stand on Tuesday.

There was a short recess, with the judge returning to discuss when would be best to continue the trial, both with the prosecutor, and Fonkalsrud – who was unsure how long it would take him to find a new lawyer.

Due to scheduling conflicts between the prosecutor and the Judge, and the uncertainty of how long it would take for the defendant to find a new defence team, the trial was adjourned until September 24.