The ink has dried for the 23rd year of the Saskatchewan Festival of Words, and it's been one of it's most successful years yet. The festival had over 50 different events with 25 different local and visiting authors, and the organizers said they "couldn't have asked for better."

Sarah Simison, the Executive Director of her 10th Festival of Words, gave her opinion on the best parts of the festival this year.

"We sold more passes and tickets than last year, which is really exciting, and there's quite a few people who identified themselves as being new to the festival, so new people are discovering it, which is really exciting, and we love, we love getting new people out. I think if people come once, they'll definitely come again and again, so I really encourage the people of Moose Jaw to come out and see what's happening in their own town."

Simison went on to explain her favourite parts among the panels and workshops.

"I love the festival every year. Some of the most exciting things for the festival for me are meeting the new authors that I haven't met before that I don't know a lot about, so kind of like discovering these little gems, but also just having people come up to you and tell you what a great time they're having, and how great the festival was and how meaningful it was to them, and that they learned something or discovered someone new, is really exciting for me."

The event included many famous Canadian authors and presenters, such as Gail Bowen, Burton Cummings, Robert Calder and Tanis McDonald. Summer Intern, Emily Pinter, went on to explain her favourite event and author at the festival.

"I'd have to say it was the Saturday feature, which was the interview with Eden Robinson. She is one of my favourite CanLit authors that I just recently discovered this year, and I was so excited to found out she was going to be at the festival, and she's so much fun to listen to, she has an amazing laugh too, just really insightful about her work as an author and her work in indigenous literature,'

The Festival was one of the largest years in attendance from authors and festival-goers and included many authors, such as Saskatchewan-born Astronaut Dr. Dave Williams.