The date is set, the goal is set and now it’s the public’s turn to do their part for the 14th Annual 800 CHAB-Moose Jaw Health Foundation Family First Radiothon.

The Family First Radiothon is coming up May 7 and 8, live on CHAB for 36 hours straight.

The theme this year is "Give from the Heart" as we ask you to help us raise the money we need to buy new, state-of-the-art equipment for cardiac patients at the Dr. FH Wigmore Regional Hospital.

“This year we are looking for a goal of bringing in four new cardiac monitors to the ICU. Along with that, a telemetry system to monitor those monitors from a central monitoring station,” said Moose Jaw Health Foundation’s Kelly McElree.

“The monitor can be in the ER or it can be in the ICU and it can be tracked. Even if there is a remote change in the patient's condition, the doctors and nurses will have that information instantly.”

$195,000 will cover the bill for new cardiac monitors, a central monitoring system, a defibrillator and crash cart and more.

“Every day, doctors and nurses at the hospital face a variety of situations. We just want to give them the best equipment possible so they can deal with any situation,” McElree said.

Last year’s Family First Radiothon raised over $299,000 for the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital.