On the radio over the weekend, Darrin Stephanson, Manager of Utilities for the City of Moose Jaw, praised the incredible response by the crews dealing with the recent oil spill. Prestige Environmental arrived in the early morning, just hours after the spill occurred, followed quickly by Evans Excavating.

Steve Karmarznuk, with Prestige Environmental, explained how the situation unfolded.

"Right away I responded with bringing my hydro-vac trucks and my vac trucks, and start sucking the oil from the drainage from John Deere, and then I give Brett Evans a call, and he started getting rig mats at the golf course and building us a road down there so we can get to the river system," said Karmaznuk, who emphasized the speed at which the entire operation occurred. "It was a pretty quick response time from the Hillcrest to the city, from Jesse from the city to me, to me rounding up all the, you know, the players that we needed to make this job happen real quick.

Karmarznuk said the teams spent between 14-16 hours a day at the site and explained how with all the hard work put in, the end result was exactly how they wanted.

"And then we cleaned up the mess, cleaned up all the wood and everything. Brett Evans and his crew were fantastic and got her all licked up in three or four days, and she was, all the golfers were happy, the superintendent at the hillcrest was great, helped us along, and we did a real good job down there for them."

From the spill late Tuesday night, it took four days of work, and by Saturday afternoon, all 18 holes were open again for play. The only remaining evidence of the spill is a few oil absorbing pads in Spring Creek along hole 10 to catch the last remnants of oil.