Enrollment is up this year at Holy Trinity Catholic School Division.

Director of Education Ward Strueby says at the end of last year they had 2,252 students and as of September 30 that number increased by 93 students (4.13%) to 2,345.

"Looking back at our last seven years here, this is our second highest enrollment numbers," he commented. "We did see a dip over the past two years in students and we're kind of rebuilding from there. I know in the school division...that parent engagement is a big push coming out of the pandemic. We're really excited to see parents back in the schools, working alongside of our teachers."

Grade 9 numbers at Vanier Collegiate are the highest they've ever been at 124.

Strueby says they had a big gain at Sacred Heart at 9.7 per cent. École St. Margaret was up 38 students, while St. Michael School saw an increase of 26 kids.

He notes there was a slight decrease at Phoenix Academy.