The Downtown Moose Jaw Association (DMJA) is asking for feedback from businesses in the downtown core, through an online survey they have created.  

The DMJA’s Marketing Coordinator, Craig Hemingway says that the 17-question survey is designed to hear from the downtown businesses on any challenges they are facing or an increase or decrease in economic growth.  

“We’re trying to get information on what sort of attractions or other things businesses would like to see come to our downtown,” says Hemingway. “Also, questions about beautification and also, what they feel the role of the Downtown Moose Jaw Association should be or could be in trying to grow our downtown.” 

This will be the first survey they have conducted since the DMJA was formed back in 2019.  

Hemingway adds that the survey is open to be taken by any business in Moose Jaw’s downtown core – with no membership fee required, which he says is one of the questions within the survey.  

“We do have a question in there about their thoughts about the Downtown Association charging a nominal fee for membership going forward, which of course then those funds would be used for any of our initiatives to grow our downtown moving forward.”  

The online survey has been launched and Hemingway notes that it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.  

The DMJA is asking those that are wishing to take part in the online survey to have it completed and submitted by Mar. 24. The results will be released at the DMJA Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled for April 13.