After non-existence for a decade, the Moose Jaw Downtown Association has been reformed. The Association looks to develop and to aid the central business district, as well as stimulate growth in the city. Yvette Moore, one of the Vice Presidents, explained the reasoning for reforming.

"We already have an exciting and vibrant downtown, but I think we can really take it to another level. We've researched what the other cities have been doing, and it's incredible the opportunities and even grants we've been missing out on because prior to this we weren't incorporated."

Moore explained that almost all other cities in Saskatchewan have a Downtown Association, and Moose Jaw is behind.

"The main reason behind it, in many of the other cities in this province, there are what they called BID, which we used to have, or Downtown Association, and we are one of the few cities, or maybe the one only city, that we don't have one in place as of yet, and that's what we're formalizing as of now."

The Association includes multitudes of businesses in the downtown district, including restaurants such as the Mad Greek and the Crushed Can, along with the Yvette Moore Gallery, Temple Gardens and Spa, the Prairie Bee Meadery, Trino's Menswear, and many others.

"I realize that, you know, we have boundaries, as a Downtown Association, but we're a vital part to the (Chamber of Commerce) and we're a vital part to (Tourism Moose Jaw). So I think to have their, you know, being able to work with them and them with work with us, will make, for sure make this organization, you know, on top of it more," said Yvette, who went on to say they are accepting entry into the association from businesses across the city.

The organization states that they are a "new, united voice for Downtown Moose Jaw".