Moose Jaw dance studio, Dance Images by BJ, will be performing at the 2022 Grey Cup Festival, Cheer Extravaganza, this November. 

“(The Cheer Extravaganza) is taking place this Saturday, November 19th, at Brandt Centre (Regina), from 1:00 to 3:30 in the afternoon,” explained Dance Images Assistant Director, Shauna Bzdel. 

The Grey Cup Cheer Extravaganza has usually been exclusive to Canadian Football League (CFL) cheer teams only, however this year features two other dance studios along with Dance Images. 

Bzdel is more than thrilled for her dancers to get such an opportunity. 

“To have been specifically asked to be a part of this great performing opportunity is really such a thrill. It’s kind of one of those ‘once-in-a-lifetime' opportunities for our Senior dancers in our Dance Express Troop, as well.” 

There will be over 500 performers at the event, including 23 from Dance Images. 

“We’re used to performing,” Bzdel explained. “But when we perform, we’re generally in a theatre on a stage, and so the audience is a little way away from us... In this event, because it is a cheer performance, our dance team is actually going to be at ground level, performing with the audience a seat away from us. It’s going to be such a different kind of vibe, and will definitely be very exciting.”  

“Of course, we all know that Regina and Saskatchewan fans at the Grey Cup are the best fans that there are in the province, and in Canada, so it's going to be a really fantastic show, with lots of wonderful people in the audience cheering us on,” added Bzdel. 

Tickets for the Cheer Extravaganza can be purchased at the Grey Cup website, for only $20. The event is free for anyone ages 14 and under. 

Dance Images has also put together their own personal music mash-up to perform to, but the songs they selected will be kept secret for a surprise at the event. 

For more information on the 2022 Grey Cup Festival, Cheer Extravaganza, click here