With thousands of people attending Country Thunder in Craven this weekend, and with some already setting up their tents with performances starting Thursday, people are looking to the skies and the forecast to see what's in store.

Thursday should be relatively quiet across Saskatchewan with a few showers that shouldn't impact the rest of the region. That should be the same for Friday, but the weekend could be a different story.

"Friday is expected to be a much warmer day; once again we'll see temperatures soaring back into the upper twenties, through the lower thirties," explains Drew Lerner with World Weather Inc. "We'll see another cold front come eastward out of Alberta, that's going to occur Friday night into Saturday and we'll see a new round of thunderstorm activity occurring across parts of the region."

As of Wednesday, Craven's forecast shows Saturday and Sunday will have a big drop of temperatures, compared to this past week, with windy conditions and a high of 22 on the 14th and a high of 23 to finish off the festival.