At least one person suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident east of Belle Plaine Sunday evening, along the Trans Canada Highway in the east lane.

A local man, Paul Langlois, was among the first on the scene.  He was able to help a family, including a baby, get out of their vehicle.  

"I was passing a Jeep Liberty, and all of a sudden I heard a big bang and squeeling. And looked in my rear view mirror and I seen the Jeep Liberty went through the ditch and come up the other side. And it clipped a grey dodge half ton. Caught the back and and spun a bit. There was a white car coming from behind and the white car t boned it."

Langlois also used a fire extinguisher to put out two fires underneath multiple vehicles.

"I got to the next intersection and turned around and went back. Both vehicles were on fire. I just made sure everybody was out. In the one ton there were two dogs in the back seat and some guy pulled the two dogs and the driver of the Liberty. And there was a mother and child we made sure were ok. We had to get them out of the vehicle, they were burning. And there was another lady, we had to lay her down, and that's the one they took away in the Stars ambulance. There were a lot of people stopping. I ran and grabbed a fire extinguisher off a trailer. There were a bunch of trailers backed up. People were good enough to give me the fire extinguishers and I put the fire out. Then the ambulance and police came. It was quite surreal to see something like that."

Ambulances, RCMP, firefighters and eventually STARS Air Ambulance were all on the scene.  STARS transported one woman to the hospital.

Updates will be added as information becomes available.