Residents walking or driving downtown may have noticed a bit of extra colour on the City Hall clocktower.

The large clockface's on the tower have been lit up green and red for the holidays.

Director of Parks & Recreation, Derek Blais, says he isn't sure if something like this has been done before in the city.

"We're not aware of any other instances where this has been done in the past, but this is definitely new to us this year. It's very simple to do, it's actually just a matter of changing the bulbs to coloured bulbs around the perimeter of the clock face."

While this is the first time the tower has been lit up for the holidays, it isn't the first time the lighting has changed colours.

"The first time we had coloured up the clock tower this year was after the tragic Snowbird accident in May when we were exploring opportunities to pay tribute to Captain Jennifer Casey. Later on in the year in October, during the International Dyslexia Awareness month, we were able to change the colours. That led us to this month where we thought we should colour the tower with red and green for Christmas."

Blais says he isn't sure how long the coloured lights will stay up, but that they've already received positive feedback from residents.