Many topics were discussed in Tuesday's City Council meeting and concerns were brought forward on the current waste collection system that Moose Jaw has for October.

Currently, the usual weekly pick-up system for the summer and fall months becomes bi-weekly as of Oct. 1.

Dozens of concerns have been recognized that leaves and branches from the summer months still fall throughout October and the bi-weekly waste collection isn't enough for residents to get rid of their leftover yard waste.

"There was a number of complaints received and it was asked that this be brought forward to council for further discussion... additional pick-up in October may help those people to some degree... we're suggesting that that come back to the budget in the fall. There is a cost around $11,000 a month to add on but in the meantime, we could add a second free weekend at the landfill," said City Manager Jim Puffalt.

Most council members agreed it wasn't possible to implement weekly pick up for this year but it was in the council's best interest to consider this for next fall.

So, the motion was passed to have the suggestion of extending weekly waste collection until the end of October considered in 2022's budget evaluation.

To help residents this fall, the council also motioned for the landfill to have a second weekend for free yard waste disposal which will be on November 6th and 7th.

The first weekend for free disposal at the landfill is on October 23rd and 24th.

Having both of these weekends for free yard waste disposal will become a yearly event. 

Another concern was brought up by Coun. Heather Eby.

"There are people who live in the Avenues who do not have green bins and they are now having to pay for garbage collection... these people I'm assuming are still paying for garbage collection (taxes) just like the rest of us, they don't get a reduction."

There is a smaller truck coming that will be able to work in the Avenues however Puffalt suggested that for the time being, the best option for those people is to request additional services which would be a much lower cost of $9 and it would be directly added to their monthly bill.

In spite of that, the council did make a third notion that for October if customers agree to pick up and drop off an additional waste receptacle they acquire, fees will be waived.