Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

The reduction of the GST from seven to six percent went into effect across the country yesterday.

It was one of four tax initiatives contained in the Conservative budget that became effective on Canada Day.

Palliser MP Dave Batters says the Universal ChildCare Benefit of 12 hundred dollars per child under the age of six is also now in effect.

"Great news for parents. This is money to respect their choice in child care and what they deem is best in terms of raising their child and help to defer some of the significant costs that are associated with child care."

Batters cautions parents that if they currently don't receive the Child Tax Benefit, they will have to apply for that. He says after they will have to fill out the Child Tax Benefit form, they'll be put into the system to receive the Universal Childcare Benefit.

Also starting yesterday, the one thousand-dollar per year employment credit and one hundred-dollar transit pass credit went into effect.