Mortlach musician Megan Nash has been keeping busy during the pandemic.

Over the last year and a half; she toured the province playing a number of live shows at drive-in concerts including one at the Regina Folk Festival, Ness Creek, and a show in Prince Albert, all while releasing new music and working on a new album.

Nash says recording this album was quite different from albums she's recorded in the past.

"We were recording it all from our own homes for the most part and that was such an interesting process. Usually, we're all in the same room, cracking jokes and hanging out together, but this time it was just so different. I do feel, though, that we were able to give the recordings a bit more time and fine-tooth comb them a bit more. It's really satisfying to have that done. I'm really looking forward to having a new album out because it's been a really long time."

She says she's performed live a few times since restrictions lifted and that she has a few more shows coming up, but that while she's performing - she's still keeping COVID and her health and safety in mind. She does, however, plan on coming back to Moose Jaw while touring once her new album is released.

"I have declared my love for the Moose Jaw Mae Wilson Theatre many times, so when I do play Moose Jaw I really try to make it happen there because it's just so much fun. Derek [Cronin] who runs it is just such a great person. I won't be playing there as soon as I would like though because planning everything is just so interesting right now and we don't even have the new album announced yet, so there are a few things that need to happen first."

You can listen to Megan's latest releases on Youtube, Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music.

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