Carnie's Comments


It was a process that took some time and energy and, in the end, our Moose Jaw Warriors proudly unveiled a new logo and new-look uniforms yesterday.  

Literally capitalizing on their close relationship with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, the Warriors have included a Canadair CT-114 Tudor jet on their new logo, calling the Snowbirds "warriors of the sky" and the hockey club "the Warriors of the ice".

It was long ago that we changed the logo to a headdress from the tomahawk-wielding Warrior riding the skate blade and now we'll move ahead with no references to our Indigenous people.  The move, the change, might be described as respectful and reconciliatory.

As you can imagine, the critics are coming out of wood work on social media.  Hundreds of people from across the country are reacting.  Some don't like the change but many do.

At the end of the day, the people who operate our community-owned hockey club found a way to do the right thing and continue the tradition of the nickname "Warriors".  Mission accomplished.

I think it's brilliant.