Carnie's Comments

It's Tuesday - Twitter Tuesday on the daily commentary.

Here's a funny lady I follow who shares, "My IQ used to be higher than my weight but now I'm fat...and dumb."

This member of the Twitterati says, "What I lack in looks I make up for by having a smile you can trust."

Here's a gal who Tweets, "I can't cook for you, you're too husband says earnestly, looking deep in my eyes as I eat a digestive biscuit dipped in Cheez Whiz."

On a related note, this one, "If someone says you used too much butter or cheese on something, stop talking to them.  You don't need that kind of negativity."

Here's a timely tip from a fellow who writes, "Marriage tip - if you need a new can opener just get a new can opener.  Don't give one to your wife for Christmas."

And one more from a funny mom I follow who Tweets, "I sent my daughter a text and she responded with, 'I will look into this.  Thank you.'  So, I guess we're business associates now."