Carnie's Comments


It's time for Twitter Tuesday - I find the best of the best on Twitter, just in case you missed the action.

This girl Tweets, "Not knowing the words to a song doesn't stop me from making random noises in an attempt to sing along anyway."

A local mom says, "My 13-year-old just told me no one says 'bruh' anymore which sounds about right because I only just got comfortable using it."

Here's an aging fella who Tweets, "Kids today will never know the accomplishment of fixing a VCR by blowing into it."

Here's a guy who writes, "I would drive 20 miles to save 8 cents on a litre of gas which is why my wife is in charge of our household finances."

On a related note, this married guy Tweets, "My wife has everything in her purse.  I needed a tissue, a hammer, peanut butter and dice and she had two of each."

And, one more from comedian Brent Butt who says, "Prepping the coffee machine the night before, so in the morning I only need to push one button to get a cup brewing, is a simple and effective example of pragmatic efficiency you'd think I could remember to do more than twice a year."