Carnie's Comments


It's a story about a happy reunion.  Well, it made me happy.

I've been busy for a few weeks.  Long story short, I've been doing some shuffling and re-arranging and cleaning and there have been a lot of moving parts involved, including cleaning supplies at a couple of locations.

So, I found a red, plastic dust pan in a bag.  I have several dust pans already and considered tossing it in the trash but then I thought, "No, you might need that someday.  You never know."

Later that day it dawned on me.  I have a red broom with a blue dust pan in my closet - a real mis-match.  That red one, which looks like it's brand new, could belong to that old red broom I use.  I was so excited.

Turns out it's an exact match.  I have no idea how they got separated but I do know it's been 11 years since they've been apart.

The Oskar broom and matching dust pan.  Together again.  

You can't make this stuff up.