Carnie's Comments


Time for fun and frivolity on Facebook Friday!

Here's a female friend of mine who says, "Just caught myself rinsing out a Ziplock baggie to reuse because it wasn't that dirty...It's happened.  I've finally turned into my mother."

This guy, "Just got a speeding ticket and I'm ticked off.  You can't tell me that the police don't know that the speed limit automatically goes up when you're listening to classic rock."

On a related note, "If a cop pulls you over and walks up holding a notepad, don't order breakfast.  Apparently, it's not amusing.  I've tried it."

Here's a friend who shares, "Congratulations to all you graduates on Facebook.  Now get our there and start paying some taxes!"

I like this guy, "Props to people who still read entire books.  I just got bored halfway through a billboard."

And, one more, "You remind me of a software update.  Whenever I see you, I usually think, 'NOT NOW'."