Carnie's Comments


Time for Facebook Friday.  I find the gems just for you.

Post like this one, "Saying 'Just cleared out some space in the freezer' sound sso much more productive than 'I just polished off another pint of ice cream'."

Here's a friend who says, "I wrote a book about how to fall down the stairs.  It's a step-by-step guide."

This guy says, "Did a little mechanics work today.  I put a rear end in a recliner."

I like this one, "I think the me who buys the groceries and the me that actually has to cook the meals are two entirely different people."

A single fellow I follow posts, "Not all exes are bad.  Look at me.  I'm someone's ex and I'm the best!"

A female friend of mine says, "It's almost that time of year when other women look cute in their flannel shirts and I look like I've misplaced my axe."

And, one more, "85% of Canadians can't do basic math.  Thank goodness I'm a part of the other 25%."

Happy Friday!