Carnie's Comments


As we talk about the end of the school year and hear from local high school valedictorians on the radio this week, I can't help but think about my high school days.

I clearly remember the last few weeks of my grade 12 year at Central Collegiate back in 1983.  Our graduation ceremonies were held in late May even though we still had several weeks of classes and final exams to come.  It was such a strange time.  Many of the seniors were sad about high school coming to an end, uncertain about the future and stressed about those finals.  

I also remember it was a MUST to pass grade 12 history to earn your high school diploma back in those days.  I went into the final exam with a 72% average in the class and absolutely BOMBED the final test.  Oh, I was so worried.  What if I failed it?  What if I have to come back for one class in the fall?  

It turned out I did, in fact, fail that test but the teacher saw fit to give me a final mark of 50%.  That high school diploma they gave me a month earlier was now legitimate.

I'll bet I still have that certificate in a box somewhere.  Maybe I should get it framed.