Carnie's Comments

Time for Twitter Tuesday - I find the best of the best just for you.

Here's a music fan with a Tweet you might agree with, "The best song of 2022 is worse than the worst song of 1980."

This guy says, "Remember when we left the house without a phone and didn't have a panic attack?"

On a related note, this one, "How about making a phone battery that lasts as long as the radio battery did on Gilligan's Island?"

A question from the Twitterati, "If you write an autobiography, how do you come up with an ending?"

Here's a proud mom who shares, "My child befriended the old lady next to her school so she could get her WiFi password because I won't get her data for her phone.  That's some next level social skills there."

A friend of mine wonders, "How do people live their lives AND think of good Tweets?  Very impressive."

And, one more from a lady who writes, "I'm updating my resume to include a list of demands."