Time for our weekly look at the funnies from Facebook. 

Here's a friend of mine who shares, "At my funeral there will be no food.  You'll be there to cry, not to eat." 

A busy mom says, "Sometimes I'd like to drop my kids off in 1985...just to see how long they make it." 

I'd like to try this, "A good way to get out of a conversation is to take off one of your socks and hand it to the person talking." 

This guy sharing, "My friend is great at selling home security systems.  If people aren't home, he just leaves a brochure on their kitchen table." 

How about this?  "It was a sad and disappointing day when I discovered my universal remote control did not, in fact, control the universe.  Not even remotely." 

Sing this one, "When the moon hits your eye like it's 4:45, that's November." 

And, one more, "Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to all those people who have asked me for directions."