I got chills on Monday when we announced 800 CHAB would be presenting Alice Cooper, in concert, at Mosaic Place next spring.  It's been a long time since we got together for a rock 'n roll show at our downtown arena. 

I clearly remember the last concert we had at Mosaic Place.  It was Friday, March 13th, 2020.  Some good friends of mine were in town to go see Gord Bamford's #Red Neck Music Tour.  The COVID-19 pandemic was about to shut us down.  It wasn't clear that day if that show would go on but it did. 

I was invited but didn't go.  I was frightened by the non-stop news of the coronavirus spreading across our country.   

The people who did attend will never forget the strange vibes they felt that night.  People were nervous.  Staff and volunteers were wiping down everything anybody touched that night. 

The show, they said, was unbelievable.  The musicians involved knew it would be the last time they'd perform for a time and they left it all on the stage. 

Here's hoping we'll enjoy more shows just like that in 2022.