The new leader of the Saskatchewan NDP is looking to get out and socialize with communities across the province.

Carla Beck won the party's leadership convention over the weekend, bringing in 68% of the vote.

Now she's getting ready for the Building To Win tour where she and her caucus will visit areas across Saskatchewan.

Beck says that as the new leader she's looking forward to visiting areas she hasn't been to in a long time.

"People haven't seen themselves in the NDP for a long time. You know, I'm not sure we've been out branding cattle for a long time or things like that. Me being with the workers down in the southeast around Shant, you know all of those pieces."

With those events on the way, Beck is looking to hear the concerns of citizens who might not be satisfied with the current governance.

"The first engagement doesn't have to be they're going to take out an NDP membership. It'll be finding those connections. A lot of time it's people just wanting to tell us how mad they are with the Sask Party. We start there, and then look for those connections and invite people to build those solutions they're looking for."

Beck also had some words to say to convince voters that the Saskatchewan NDP would be good for the province.

"This province raised me on shared values, and those are the values that I want to bring back to the way that we do politics in the province. So if you're tired of the constant division and polarization, if you believe in the promise of Saskatchewan, of building a province not only for this generation but for the next, I ask that you give us a look."

"People are listening in a way that they weren't listening even in 2020," said Beck, "They're ready, they're looking for change. I think our job is to get out there, to make those connections and show them that we are inviting them in, that we are the alternative to the Sask Party. A lot of people think that this province, and I share this, is going in the wrong direction."

Saskatchewan's next provincial election is October 28, 2024.