Prairie South School Division (PSSD) is looking at creating its own bus drivers’ school.

The initiative would see the division bring in groups of bus drivers to train together as opposed to one-on-one training that is currently provided.

"So that we can train some of our own and help some people that may learn differently and have trouble with independent learning," explained PSSD Transportation Manager Todd Johnson. It also helps us to engage and create that first relationship."

Johnson presented the annual Transportation Accountability Report during the February 7th board meeting.

PSSD is continuing efforts to recruit casual bus drivers in all areas of the division and to develop relationships with bus drivers, school staff and parents.

Each day PSSD school buses travel over 18,000 km, transporting over 2,600 students on 106 bus routes.

"Just over three million in kilometres we do in a year in Prairie South. It's a pretty big area we transport kids into," added Johnson.