In the provincial budget, it was stated that $740.3 million in funding will go towards post-secondary education. 

Sask. Polytechnic will be receiving some of that funding.

CEO and President of Sask. Polytechnic, Dr. Larry Rosia announced that $4 million will be invested in the planning and design of a brand new Saskatoon Polytechnic campus. The new campus will bring together all 11 of the city's existing campuses.

Also, a total of $4.9 million will be spent on nursing recruitment and training in Saskatchewan. This will create 150 more training places. The nursing programs at the Saskatoon and Regina Polytech campuses will also benefit from this financing.

“We were very pleased with the budget... Thank you to the Government of Saskatchewan for its support and commitment... I believe the investment demonstrates confidence in the government (and that) the government has in Saskatchewan Polytechnic as well as our graduates and our alumni,” says Rosia,

The Moose Jaw Sask. Polytechnic campus is undergoing an upgrade according to Rosia. 

“Right now we’re undertaking a major renovation at our Moose Jaw campus to build new shops and labs for the students that are on that campus. We’re right in the midst of that and that will continue all through next year as well,” says Rosia.