Icy roads didn't stop "Freedom Convoy 2022" from making its way through Southern Saskatchewan. On their way to Ottawa to protest mandates, specifically vaccine mandates for truckers, the convoy passed through Moose Jaw Monday night while supporters honked, waved, and set off fireworks as they drove by.

The mandates came into effect on Saturday, barring truckers unvaccinated against COVID 19 from crossing the Canada/U.S. border without spending 14 days in quarantine. According to The Canadian Trucking Alliance, Canada has over 160,000 truckers who regularly cross the border with over 26,000 being affected by said mandates. The industry group also released a statement denouncing the highway protests.

While hundreds of truckers are already present in the nation's capital, more from across the country are still making their way to Ontario to join in with the protests to affect political change. 

The convoy plans to leave Regina today and continue its journey through Manitoba stopping for the night in Kenora, Ontario.