We've already heard a few instances this year of 'porch pirates' stealing delivered treasure from resident's doorsteps.

With Christmas right around the corner, there will be more and more packages being delivered to homes, which means we need to be extra careful to avoid being a victim of theft.

Constable Kyle Cunningham with the Moose Jaw Police Service.

"We're seeing this becoming more prevalent and unfortunately there have already been a few instances of it happening this year. There's a lot of things the public can do to safeguard their property; some sort of home security system, a doorbell camera or some other sort of monitor system, or you can choose to have your packages sent somewhere else instead of your home, like your workplace, friends, or neighbours."

Cst Cunningham says you can also ask your neighbour to check your front step periodically, and grab any packages if they show up while you are away. You can also schedule an arranged delivery time, or pick up the package from the post office.

"We've seen recently where people are using some sort of box or some sort of empty cavity where ordinarily you'd put garden tools, a water hose or something else in," says Cst Cunningham, "You drag one of those out front or near the property, and they can put those packages inside and close the lid. Whether it's locked or unlocked, you won't have a package sitting in the open on your front step."

Some other safety tips from Cst Cunningham as we get into the holiday season; he recommends you don't leave any valuables, such as presents, out in view from a window that leads outside. He also recommends leaving some lights on while you're away and making sure your home looks 'lived in' if you're spending a few days away from home.