If you are starting out in the agriculture industry and looking for a mentor, the Canadian Western Agribition has the program for you. 

The Next Gen Mentorship Program is now accepting applications. 

The program will take eight successful applicants and pair them with leaders in the agriculture industry. 

“What we are looking for is someone with enough life experience to have made the decision already that, yes, I want to build my life, I want to build my career in this industry and now I’m just looking for some assistance and some opportunity to help build some skills and some foundational relationships around that,” said Agribition CEO Chris Lane. 

The program was launched in 2019 and it is currently in its third cycle of applicants. 

An advisory board will select the successful applicants based on their industry involvement, existing skills, interests, abilities, desired outcomes, and overall fit in the program. 

From there, the applicants will be paired with their mentors. 

“We'll go to our connections in the industry and say, hey, we've got someone here who really wants to learn about effective communication and telling the agriculture story around public trust for example, and we will find someone who's doing that work and leading in that work and then pair them up that way,” Lane said. 

Application forms can be found at the Western Canadian Agribition’s website.