The Hillcrest golf course has closed multiple holes of their course as the Moose Jaw Fire Department, Ministry of Environment and the City of Moose Jaw clean up an oil spill that happened Tuesday night.

The spill, which originated from South Country Equipment, was localized near a water drain, and ended up in the creek, which runs through the golf course.

"South Country Equipment takes this incident very seriously,” stated Manager of Human Resources Drew Watson in a press release. “This was an unfortunate accident and we will be reviewing our procedures to identify ways to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Immediate steps have already been taken to ensure this does not happen again at any of our locations, including Moose Jaw.”

Moose Jaw City Hall's Darrin Stephanson said the bulk of the work involved in cleaning up the spill is removing all of the surface contaminants, with the last portion of that being the creek.

"The storm main itself has been almost completely flushed and captured", said Stephanson. "There's a couple segments that we're finishing up there to remove everything that's in the pipe system. The last step is finishing off the creek itself."

There will likely be some activity throughout the next few weeks, said Stephenson, that will likely be continued monitoring of the boom containment units, which are absorbent booms that will stay in the creek for the next few weeks, just to capture any small amounts that might be left from the initial clean up.

The Hillcrest golf course needed to close 5 holes of their course, though Stephanson believes they will be able to open them back up to the public either Friday or Saturday as cleaning wraps up.

As far as impacts to the wildlife in the area, Stephanson said that haven't observed any animal interference yet.

"It was good that it was localized into the small narrow channel, so there's not generally a lot of activity there. It's into the bigger ponds where you have the issues. It was contained prior to hitting those areas. So as far as we're aware there has been no impact to wildlife."

South Country has assumed full responsibility, stating in a press release that they take this situation very seriously.

“We are grateful for the quick response by the City of Moose Jaw and efforts by the City and Ministry of Environment to contain the oil and prevent more serious consequences. We also apologize to the Hillcrest Golf Course for the disruption this event has caused.”

Stephanson said that South Country has been very helpful, and they've really stepped up.

"They've been extremely cooperative with ourselves and concerned as everybody is at getting this spill done. Cudos to them. They've been a very important part in helping us get this all contained and cleaned up."

Cleanup and remediation are expected to be completed today and an evaluation by the Ministry of Environment will follow.

"These things are never good news", said Stephanson. "But we were fortunate. It was contained quick enough, and I guess it's the best case scenario for what we were dealing with. It never got further into fish bearing waters and things of that nature. It would have created a lot more problems."