It was about a year ago this spring that we featured Ag West Service Ltd. on our Partner Profile to bring attention to the fact they were expanding their dealership by adding a line of Deutz-Fahr tractors.  One year later, there's more expansion and more new state-of-the-art equipment to check out at Ag West, located just west of Moose Jaw.  Also, Ag West has opened up a new parts location within the city. 

Ag West Service now has a second parts location at 550 North Service Road, Bay 4, Moose Jaw SK.

Denyse and Dan McLaren started Ag West Service over two decades ago now as a way to add value to the family farm and they've never been busier. 

"It was about 23 years ago when we started out, servicing tractors and combines and stuff like that and then about 13 years ago we started doing trucks and trailers and business just took off...and then we took on the dealership," Dan explained. 

Business took off because Ag West Service will look after all makes and models of combines, tractors, seeders, sprayers, trucks, skid steers and more.  If you've got a machine that needs work, Denyse, Dan and staff will look after you. 

"Yes, definitely and all kinds of heavy equipment from backhoes to bobcats and all of that stuff," Dan said.  "We have two fully equipped service buses and they'll go out any time of the week at any time of the day," Dan said, pointing out the service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

And growing the business has meant job creation for local-area people, something Dan is proud of. 

"Yes, we have 5 mechanics, a service manager, a full-time parts guy and two people in the office.  We have some excellent employees." 

Expansion from service to service AND sales has also meant an ever-expanding role for Denyse who says she's constantly on the go. 

"Well, I started in the office just taking care of the books and invoicing and now I actually work on public relations, a lot off the online stuff like Facebook and Instagram, looking after advertising and our website.  I try to keep us out there.  We're very busy.  The phone is ringing off the hook all the time.  There's more foot traffic coming in and out of here and we have a lot of big contracts with larger companies that come to us for service regularly and it's nice to have that loyalty," Denyse said. 

Ag West Service continues to expand its dealership by bringing in new inventory.And it's the expanding dealership that has more and more foot traffic coming into Ag West Service. 

"Yes, we have the Deutz-Fahr tractors and we've taken on Country Clipper lawnmowers which are zero-turn - really good mowers.  And we've just taken on Bridge View products.  They have Bale King.  They have processors and hay rakes for baling and they have earth movers as well," Dan said. 

"The Deutz-Fahr tractors have been popular in eastern Canada for quite some time and they're becoming very popular around here as well.  It's the history and the German technology that sets them apart.  They're a very good product.  We have three in stock right now including a 130 HP, 140 HP and a 165 HP and we have more coming in. They come with loaders and grapples - lots of options," Dan explained. 

The addition of the Country Clipper mowers to the line of equipment they carry at Ag West Service Ltd. is something that has Dan excited as well. 

"You can buy them with a joystick or a twin-stick.  So, the joystick only takes one hand to operate so you have the other hand free for a cold drink," Dan laughed.  "Anybody with an acreage or on the farm will be interested in a Country Clipper mower.  They range from a small 42 inch up to a 72 inch and the decks lift up so it's so easy to wash them or for any repairs that might be needed," Dan said. 

And while the goal is to attract new customers with the new lines of equipment, Denyse notes it's their loyal customer base that they can thank for making expansion possible at Ag West Service. 

"We have customers that we've been dealing with for the last 23 years.  They just keep coming back.  We have a lot of farmers in this area who come here regularly for everyday things that they need.  It's kind of nice to see that we can help people out and now we've got more and more product and inventory here they can just pop in whenever they need something," Denyse said. 

And the new parts store on Moose Jaw's North Service Road is also proving to be a welcome addition for local-area customers. 

"We decided we needed a place for things like oil and filters and we can get specialty parts in there as well if people want to pick them up there, we can have them driven in. It's just handier.  You can visit us at 550 North Service Road - Bay #4," Denyse said. 

Dan wants to make sure everyone knows that they're geared up and ready for spring and summer. 

"Yes, give us a call any time for any repairs you need on air conditioning or any other repairs.  We go right out to the field if you need assistance or wherever.  Whatever needs to be done, we'll do it," Dan said. 

A look at the zero-turn Country Clipper lawn mowers available at Ag West Service.

Denyse and Dan are looking forward to a busy spring and summer and 2022 is a special year - they're celebrating a century on the McLaren family farm. 

"Yes, I'm pretty excited about that.  I'm proud of the farm.  My son is probably going to take it over so hopefully, it'll be going for another 50 years.  My great-grandparents started it, Duncan and Jenny McLachlan.  It became the McLaren farm in later years," Dan explained. 

And one more note from Denyse, "We just want to thank our customers for their many years of loyalty.  Without you, we wouldn't be here.  We look forward to working with you for many years to come." 

Ag West Service Ltd.  You'll find them just a few kilometres west of Moose Jaw on Caribou Street and about 5 kilometres south of Caronport.  Again, the new parts store is at 550 North Service Road - Bay #4 and, you can call any time - 306 692 5128. 

Check them out at