A local artist originally from Mortlach and pursued more into Moose Jaw was to make an appearance and perform at the 2020 Juno Awards, however, now that it has been canceled she is losing out on a big opportunity.

Megan Nash, a two-time Western Music Award Nominee, understood as to why it had to be canceled and stands by the decision although that doesn't make it any easier.

"I had a few things lined up during the Juno's, the major thing was that I was performing at Juno's fest with my band which would have been Saturday night, we were headlining show in Saskatoon and that really is an opportunity to showcase new material, Celebrate Candain music and just put on a show for folks."

Nash continued to say that with the obvious current events, everyone is fine with this decision.

"I believe that the Junos made the right decision, it obviously a hard decision to make. It's in the public's best interest and in the best interest of the artists who were asked to perform, and as an artist, it's really difficult to say no to great opportunities and I feel like they had everyone's best interest in mind by canceling the event."

Nash adds that the music industry is being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic as her entire career is based on large social gatherings.