An update was received by city council on Monday night, outlining which narrow streets will be moving to one-sided parking this year. 

During city council’s meeting on March 28, council agreed to transition roadways with less than nine metres in width to one-sided parking. The main concern was emergency vehicle access down the narrow roads. 

“Our plan certainly is to give everybody a three-month heads-up when we're going to do their area, and then if there are certain issues that need to be addressed then we can take a good look at them,” said fire chief Rod Montgomery. 

0 block Second Avenue North West 

  • 1100 block Redland Avenue 
  • 1200 block Redland Avenue 
  • First leg of 1200 block First Avenue North West 
  • First leg of 1200 block Second Avenue North West 
  • It's expected that most of the one-sided parking will be on the east side of the street, however, the city plans to communicate with residents about the changes to parking on these streets.