Carnie's Comments - Saskatchewan Day

Happy "Saskatchewan Day" long weekend to you!


I know, for most, it's just another long weekend in the summertime but I think we should all take a little time to celebrate Saskatchewan this long weekend.  We have much to be thankful for.


Oh, we've had and have our challenges but when it all comes out of the wash, we live well in Saskatchewan.  People across the country make fun of us, calling us "stubble jumpers" and they joke about the lack of scenery when they drive the Trans Canada Highway.  Those people have probably never dropped into Regina to see Wascana Park or Moose Jaw to see the Wakamow Valley.  They probably don't know about the Qu'Appelle Valley or Last Mountain Lake and they probably don't know how beautiful the city of Saskatoon is.


They probably don't know about the thousands of islands they can pull up to on Lac la Ronge and I'll bet they've never heard about the South Saskatchewan River and how it meets up with the North Saskatchewan River.


Those people who make fun of us probably don't know about our wonderful lifestyle and how agriculture, potash and oil production drive our economy.  


They don't know.  We do.  Happy Saskatchewan Day.

Carnie's Comments - Big Time?

The chances of your children and grandchildren becoming professional athletes are very slim.  You knew that already, right?


It's just one of the findings from a study completed by Canadian-based


They came up with the odds of going pro in all the major sports.  For example, there are well over a million high school football players in the U.S. and only about 250 turn pro after college.


But, they also found the odds of becoming rich and famous are stacked against all of us in life.


For example, the odds of becoming a movie star are 1.5 million to one.  We have a better chance of being struck by lightning or dying in a plane crash.


The experts tell parents to stress the importance of education, finding ways to help your kids be ambitious and driven and to work on communication skills.  Those things will all come in handy no matter what your children choose to do.


My experience tells me young people need to earn their keep, earn their rewards.  If they don't, they become what we call "entitled" people.  Whether you realize it or not, you know some of those people and odds are, you don't care for their company.

Carnie's Comments - PIZZA

I'm going to say there have been dozens of restaurants and hundreds of orders, both eat-in and take-out.  Oh, and the homemade jobs...some colossal classics.

I'm not exactly a food expert but I know my pizza.  It's my favourite food.  


As we at 800 CHAB partner with Papa John's Pizza with some nice prize packages for you to win, I'm learning more about the company.


It started in 1983 when a young fella sold his beloved Camaro and used the money to buy pizza making equipment.  He knocked out a broom closet in the back of his father's tavern in Jeffersonville, Indiana and started making the pizza pies.  He was in his own, adjoining space within a year.


Today, Papa John's is one of the largest take-out and delivery restaurant chains in the world with almost 5000 locations in 38 countries.


Oh, you should also know, that Camaro Papa John sold back in '83?  It was a '71 Z-28.  He tracked it down 26 years later in 2009 and bought it back.

Carnie's Comments - April Wine & Loverboy

Oh, I can remember the anticipation.  It was back in the early 1980's and not one but two of Canada's hottest, new rock 'n roll acts were coming to play for us at the Agridome in Regina.


Loverboy was on tour with Bryan Adams as the opening act.  I just had to go and so did most of my friends.  We were pumped.  The place was packed and we were treated to an awesome rock show.  The music was loud, the lights were bright and the acts lived up to expectations.  


In fact, I clearly remember a number of the kids I was with absolutely falling in love with Bryan Adams' music and predicting he would, one day soon, be the featured act at future rock 'n roll concerts.  They were correct.


I suppose you could say we were a part of rock 'n roll history that night in Regina.


You know, we all have a chance to re-live those days a week from Friday in that same building as Loverboy takes to the stage along with classic rockers April Wine at the Queen City Ex.  Yes, decades later, the boys in the bands are still livin' the dream.  There's nothing wrong with that, is there?

Carnie's Comments - Political Poll

Do you believe women make good political leaders, equal to men?  Most of us do but, might be surprised by some of the other results of a new poll from Angus Reid.


It shows about 84% of Canadians think women and men make equally good political leaders but 85% think we, as a society, generally believe men make better political leaders.


When it comes to the reasons behind more men running for political office than women, most of us point to and blame the political parties.


Also, interesting to note, the poll shows younger men are more likely to believe men have better leadership qualities than women.  In fact, about 10% of men aged 18 to 34 believe men are more honest and ethical than women.  That's one out of ten in that age group.  I wonder about their frames of reference and their relationships with their mothers and grandmothers.


Locally, I think we've made progress.  Hey, it wasn't that long ago when women weren't allowed to play golf before noon on the weekends.  I'm not kidding.  These days, our first ever female mayor in Moose Jaw can play whenever she likes.


That's progress but, I think this new poll shows there's still some work to do.

Carnie's Comments - Heritage Buildings

The old, run-down rooming house or apartment building was knocked down this week.  It was situated on the east side of the public parking lot on the 0 block River Street East.  You'll notice the empty spot if you go downtown.  


And, the bleeding hearts are out.  You can read about what they're feeling on the Moose Jaw Dayz Facebook page.  One local lady says "I was kinda hoping it would one day be brought back to life."  


Others are reminiscing about once living in the building and there's someone who had a relative who used to deliver the newspaper to tenants.  There are more comments from those who think it's terrible that we've knocked down another old building.


But then, one woman hits the nail on the head.  She says "Everyone wants them saved, but no one wants to save them."  That's the truth.  


Oh, I understand the history and the heritage and there are a number of old buildings that are gone that I believe we should never have knocked down but I don't have the money to save them and those who do don't see the value - they don't see a return on their investment.


The bottom line is the bottom line. 

Carnie's Comments - Pokemon Go!

It's the latest "fad" as near as I can tell.  I doubt the game will endure the test of time but right now, thousands and thousands of people are really have fun with Pokemon Go!


It's free to play.  It's a location-based, mobile reality game.  It uses GPS and the camera of compatible devices as players capture and battle the virtual creatures called "Pokemon".  Are you still with me?


While there have been reports of the criminal element getting involved and harming or threatening to harm the people who play late at night, nothing like that has happened locally, as far as we know.


One local man who is playing daily says it's getting people out and about in their cars, on their bicycles and on foot - families are going out together and playing Pokemon Go for hours at a time.  It sounds like a lot of fun to me.


I also saw this on social media from a highly educated, highly respected local man who said, "I would just like to remind everyone decrying the fact that GROWN MEN, of all people, are enjoying Pokemon is possible to care about something as frivolous as Pokemon Go while SIMULTANEOUSLY caring deeply about more important social and political issues. What it means to be a "man" is changing for the better. Relax. Be happy."


Carnie's Comments - Did You Know of Him?

If you grew up watching television and going to movies, he made an impact on your life.  Many "buffs" will know his name but I think it's safe to say most of us don't.


In the comedy industry, he was a legend, an icon who created TV shows like The Odd Couple, Happy Days and Mork and Mindy.  He directed hit movies like Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries.


He was a brilliant writer, director and producer and he maintained an on-screen presence as well.


He died at age 81 this week due to complications of pneumonia which followed a stroke.  His family will celebrate his life on November 13th which was his birthday.


His name was Garry Marshall.  His work probably made you laugh hundreds of times.  He brought us joy.  May he rest in peace.

Carnie's Comments - LITTER BUGS

You might call it ugly.  Some might call it gross.  It is rude, offensive and disgusting.  It is the garbage left behind in beautiful Craven, Saskatchewan after the annual Craven Country Jamboree.


People leave cans and bottles and bags and food on the grounds.  They also leave vehicles, trashed trailers, junky furniture and all sorts of unmentionables behind for others to pick up.


But, if you think about it, we've all left trash behind.  We do it at football games, hockey games and at the theatre.  We finish our hot dogs, popcorn and soda pop and many of us, perhaps most of us, simply leave the waste under the seat.  


I wonder when and why we, as a society, a civilized society, started to do this.  Most of  us don't think anything of it but really, it's wrong.  Why would we not pick up our trash at the end of the game or concert and take it to the receptical?  


I don't have the answers to the questions but we all know what the solution is.

Carnie's Comments - Moose Jaw #2

It's good news for us and the hope would be for prospective developers and entrepreneurs to take notice. is out with its annual "Canada's Best Places for Business" report and they are ranking Moose Jaw at #2 in their top 15 small cities in Canada and at #10 overall for Canada's Top 10 "Most Business-Friendly Places".


They factor in a number of things like population growth, average income, property taxes, the market place, education, recreation and more. also points out the City of Moose Jaw is open for business with "a new industrial park focused on export of agri-products, drawing on its proximity to major agricultural areas."


Oh, and for those of you who still believe building a new rink and field house was a bad decision, is telling the country about our Mosaic Place and YaraCentre in the "Special Amenities" category.  


Moose Jaw - We're #2 and #10. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.