Carnie's Comments - NEW WARRIORS SEASON

It was about this time of year back in 1984.  I was a spectator at a high school football game at Gutheridge Field in Moose Jaw.  I had graduated but I was watching some of my younger buddies play for the Central Cyclones.


I clearly remember a group of young, athletic men arriving late and sitting in the stands right in front of my friends and I.  Word spread that these young fellas were with our new WHL team, the Warriors.  I didn't believe all of them were hockey players because one of them was about 5 foot 4 and 140 pounds.  


I believed it when I went to my first Warriors game.  He was 16 year old Theoren Fleury. He was awesome.  


It's hard to believe it was 32 years ago when it all started.


Tonight marks opening night for the 2016-2017 edition of our community-owned, Western Hockey League club.  It's a new era in a new arena and it's an occasion Moose Jaw and area hockey fans should be very proud of.  Go Warriors!

Carnie's Comments - CIVIC ELECTION

There are some old, tired faces but some are bright and new,

And now we have a few weeks to decide, yes, the onus is on you.


To decide which of the men and women you'd like to see

Leading our city into the future, representing you and me.


The papers have been filed and now we'll make the decisions with care

Picking from 23 candidates for council and 5 running for mayor.


We can vote for up to 6 of 23 for council and 1 of 5 for the top job at city hall,

We have about a month to discuss the candidates and get ready to make the call.


I'd urge you to take some time to talk, read and learn about the candidates

And then before you vote, ask yourself how each of them rates.


I hope you vote for growth and progress so we can keep moving - shifting gears,

And remember that those we elect will represent us for a total of 4 years.

Carnie's Comments - Patrick Boyle

He's young and bright and confident.  He comes from a good family with solid values. He's well-educated and a communications career that started in radio now has him working as the Director of Corporate Communications for the Water Security Agency right here in his home town.


He won a seat on city council four years ago and made an immediate impact, adding professionalism while working towards progress in our city.  


Patrick Boyle has announced he will not be seeking another term on city council.  I'm happy for him but disappointed for Moose Jaw.  


Boyle and his wife have a young, growing family.  He missed his kids' birthday parties - all of them - in the past year.  He doesn't want to miss another one.  He's the kind of young man I want and we need representing us on city council.


Thank you, Patrick Boyle, for a job well-done.


And, mark my words, there will again come a time when we'll find the name Patrick Boyle on an election ballot.

Carnie's Comments - Stay Classy, Moose Jaw

He inspired me early today with a text message.  An old friend of mine from the neighbourhood. He works in Regina.  He told me the best part of working the morning shift is being able to listen to the entire CHAB Morning Show.  He likes the music and the company. He made my day.


I've had others tell me they like to listen.  When I ask them what the attraction is, most have to stop and think.  I already know at least some of the answers.


We do what we do for you and it works for most.  We offer up LOCAL news, LOCAL weather and LOCAL sports.  You can't get it anywhere else.


Oh, and we're friendly - FAMILY friendly.  Sure, the conversation might get a little edgy sometimes but, generally speaking, we try to be tasteful with our humour.  


Oh, and let's keep in mind, we do all those things during our brief time-outs from playing "The Greatest Hits of All Time".  


Thanks for listening.  We're glad you do.

Carnie's Comments - Lord's Prayer at Lindale

He's young and bright, talented and admirable.  I follow local actor Daniel Falk on Facebook. I've quoted him before on this commentary and here I go again.  I think I like the way he thinks.


It's on social media where Daniel, a Toronto-based actor, weighs in on The Lord's Prayer controversy at Lindale School.  The young students there are no longer reciting the prayer after a local parent sounded off.


Daniel, who was raised in a Godly home,  said he was surprised to find out "this was still a thing."  He says, "I still remember feeling a little odd at William Grayson School, even as a very religious preteen, that the school was demanding that people pray to a God they didn't believe in.  I'm pretty sure God would find that weird too.


I think He's more into sincere supplications. This does not stop your children from being able to pray in school - it only stops prayer from being imposed on the non-religious or members of different religions."


Well put.  Thanks, Daniel.

Carnie's Comments - James Parole

Chances are he won't come around here no more.  I think he's smart enough to know better. However, he will be living in a community somewhere and I believe he'll hurt more people.


I don't like hearing his name and I don't like seeing his face because it turns my stomach.


Graham James has been released on full parole.  He was granted day parole earlier this year and kept his nose clean.  The National Parole Board says he has "made progress".  


James has spent two relatively short periods of time in prison for his crimes.  First for sexually abusing Sheldon Kennedy and then again for assaulting Theo Fleury and Todd Holt.  Three super hockey players, three super young men whose lives were forever changed.


Fleury declined all interviews yesterday in a news release.  He's sick of talking about Graham James.  He notes he's focused on helping victims in their healing process.  

He did say this, though;  "As the news came in today that a repeat offender was granted full parole, we are again asking questions as to how this is possible?  I say again, Canada is a Disneyland for pedophiles."

Carnie's Comments - Facebook Update

We do it when I don't have anything else to talk about.  It's our Facebook update for those of you who can't be bothered...You're missing some gems today!


Here's a woman who likes to wear leggings - a fancy name for tight sweat pants.  "Anyone who doesn't agree with leggings as pants can physically fight me.  And I'm going to win because I have a full range of motion...due to the fact I'm wearing leggings as pants."


Here's one from a guy who showed up to a social event well after it started.  He said,   "Sorry I'm late.  I didn't want to come so I'm trying to limit the amount of time I'll be here.  I'll be leaving early, too.  So, what's up?"


Here's a post from a guy who says, "I hate it when I see old people...and then realize I went to high school with them."


And one more...from a fella who was apparently having a bad day yesterday.  He says "I'm just gonna put an Out of Order sticker on my forehead and call it a day."

Y'er welcome.

Carnie's Comments - Two Terms?

He could have and some may believe should have gone for a 3rd term as your mayor.  Ray Boughen who, of course, just retired from two terms as our Member of Parliament, served two terms as mayor of Moose Jaw.  He served us from 1994 until 2000.


Mr. Boughen believes no one should be able to serve for more than two terms.  Among other reasons, he believes it's a healthy process to have new people with new ideas serving in government.


In Canada, we've had prime ministers serve as many as six terms in office.  You may know, in the USA, presidents can serve but two terms.  


I wonder if it might be a good idea to put similar regulations in place here at home.  I wonder this as we get set to go to the polls in the civic election next month and I see some of the tiresome, old crew on city council.  

Carnie's Comments - CIVIC ELECTION

He says "...and I'm just watching the city fall apart and mismanagement."  


He is Don McKenzie, the latest, local citizen to come forward about his plans to run for city council.  He made the comment when we interviewed him yesterday about his candidacy.  I disagree with him.


Now, don't get me wrong.  I don't dislike Mr. McKenzie.  In fact, I admire him.  But some of his comments are indicative of the negative, glass-half-empty kind of attitude that many local people suffer with.


Yes, maybe our infrastructure is crumbling but it appears to me that we're putting it back together.  I don't believe we're "falling apart".  


Mismanagement?  Well, we've seen it, no doubt.  But it appears to me that a number of the fresh, new faces in management positions at Moose Jaw city hall are capable, young people with energy and good communication skills.  


I'm not sure which candidates will get my votes next month but I do know they'll be positive people who want to be a part of the solution.

Carnie's Comments - Nature Walk?

I'm not a bird expert but I know I've seen brown thrashers and purple martins.  Oh, and the Canada geese and mallard ducks.  I watch hungry hawks scout their prey and scream as they soar in the sky.  This summer I've watched a majestic blue heron skim the creek for fish and get them.  Sometimes I hear the cock pheasant producing his mating call and watch him strut his stuff in a colourful show of masculinity.


I've watched a young, bull moose saunter through the valley.  He got so close one day I could smell him and hear him breathing.


There's mule deer and white tail deer along with cute, little chipmunks and tree squirrels.  I've seen fox and this summer a family of coyotes who live together in a little den on the side of a hill.  Oh, and the gopher poplulation, once healthy, is dwindling because the coyotes are a growing family.


So, you're thinking, I go on nature walks with an enthusiastic, outdoor tour guide, right?


Wrong.  These are the things I witness in between golf shots at the Hillcrest Golf Club in Moose Jaw.   Pretty cool, eh? is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.