Carnie's Comments - Guest Comments

She listens to the radio and she reads and, from time to time, she shares her thoughts.  I'm not sure she wants me to share her name but I can certainly share her opinion.


She's concerned with what she calls "distracted driving from a different angle."


We'll call it her "pet" peeve.  As she puts it, "The fur ball on the lap under the left arm of a driver who thinks he or she has distracted driving privileges.  They typically have an arm around the dog, which tends to wiggle"  while the vehicle is in motion.


She says she knows what it feels like to have paws and claws dig into her skin when weight shifts.  She also believes dogs in the driver's seat block or inhibit the view of the driver's side mirror.  She sees drivers who are barely able to turn the steering wheel while snuggling with their dogs.  She wonders why so many people do it and how they get away with it.  She believes driving with a dog in your lap may be more distracting than using a cellular telephone.


I think she's right.  Do YOU drive your car with a dog in your lap?  Stop it.

Carnie's Comments - Carnie's Heroes

She was nominated for "always remembering to call CHAB with our birthdays".  She is Darlene Weber of Moose Jaw.  We honoured her with a "Carnie's Heroes" celebration at Bobby's Place Olde World Tavern last night.


Darlene is a life-long Moose Javian, mother, grandma, great grandma and a dedicated listener to 800 CHAB.  She never misses an opportunity to call in birthdays for family and friends and for her daycare kids for the Evans Florist Birthday and Anniversary Show.  Dar has owned and operated a daycare centre in her own home for over 30 years.  


She was so grateful to be recognized but, like many who give more than they take, almost embarrassed with the reward of tasty food and drink at Bobby's and an interview on CHAB.


Way to go, Dar.  One of our good people doing good things in our community.  


You can nominate a good person.  Message me on the 800 CHAB Facebook Page or e-mail,

Carnie's Comments - Thatcher Drive Controversy

They openly talked about a lawsuit.  They referred to Al Empringham's successful suit vs. the City of Regina.  His popular community hall and catering business, located on Pasqua Street, was impacted by the construction of the Lewvan.


It's a similar situation unfolding in Moose Jaw.  A number of local businesses will soon be difficult to access.  The businesses along the Main Street East Service Road will no longer be accessible by eastbound motorists on Thatcher Drive.  You see, as the East Service Road intersects with Thatcher Drive, there are traffic lights.  Traffic is frequently congested there and the stats show a higher-than-normal accident rate.


City council voted to move forward with the plan to close that intersection to north and southbound traffic.  Eastbound traffic on Thatcher Drive will need to make U-Turns further down the road and then come back to access Bonanza, Dairy Queen, Taylor Toyota, South Country Equipment and others.


The business owners are upset with what they believe was a lack of consultation. These people pay property taxes.  These people are customers of Moose Jaw City Hall and I can't blame them for being disgruntled customers.  Can you?

Carnie's Comments - RIDERS SLUMP

Put on a brave face and keep your chin up.  And, you might consider a mouth guard and a helmet.  They have no mercy.  They are Canadian football fans who choose not to support Canada's team, our team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


They're having a field day with us on social media.  They're laughing and pointing fingers;  ridiculing our players and we fans.  One Stampeders fan posted a funny today reminding Rider fans that our team is "O" and 5.  The "O" is a nice, round watermelon.


Yes, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are 0 and 5.  We lost both pre-season games as well.  Rider Nation has not tasted victory since last football season.  It was November 8th of last year.  We beat Edmonton 24-17 in the final regular season game and then lost to those Eskimos in the playoffs.  Interesting, before that aforementioned win, we had lost 5 in a row.  So, including exhibition and playoffs, our team has lost 10 of their last 11 games.


You know that old saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going"?


Ya.  I don't think our team is going anywhere. 

Carnie's Comments - Commentary or Column?

He said with a smile, "Hey, Rob, I really enjoy reading your columns."


I said "Thank you.  Thank you very much."


A long time acqaintance was talking about my daily commentary, this one, which we call "Carnie's Comments" on the radio and on where the commentary becomes a "column".


It took me back, way back, to the last time I wrote a newspaper column.  It was 30 years ago in 1985 when I had a short stint as a sports reporter at the Battleford Telegraph.  I remember struggling to write enough words to fill the space.  True story. It was difficult.


It wouldn't be long before I was writing and reading for radio at 800 CHAB where the rule was and is "substance with brevity".  It's a fact that most people have short attention spans so, on the radio, we need to get the point, make the point and move on.  


And, my point today?  Sometimes, it ain't easy.  But, my 60 seconds are up and I'm movin' on.

Carnie's Comments - 15 Wing

Waiting until now, the weeks leading up to the next federal election, is questionable. However, it pleases me to see our federal government investing in our military.


15-Wing Moose Jaw is receiving some major housing upgrades.  Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre MP Tom Lukiwski, who is seeking the new, local seat in the next election, made the announcement yesterday.


The feds are investing over $7 million in our local air base.  The housing upgrades will include exterior work, kitchen and bathroom renovations, new plumbing and heating and some new floor plans for more modern lifestyles, according to Mr. Lukiwski.


You know, most of the housing on military bases in Canada was constructed between 1948. and 1960.


Mr. Lukiwski stated, "These renovations are an important quality of life issue for the people who work and live at 15-Wing.  High quality housing should be an expectation for all the men and women who work here."


Hear, Hear.

Carnie's Comments - PRINCE GEORGE

There's one word that seems to come up more than others when we talk about kids today:  Entitled.


By definition, it means "believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment".


Well, there's a little boy who turned 2 years old today who actually IS entitled.  His title is "Prince".  Prince George celebrates his birthday today with his parents, Prince William and his wife, Kate.


George's grandpa, Prince Charles, is currently heir to the British throne.  He will become king when his mom, Queen Elizabeth, abdicates, retires or dies.  Some believe Prince Charles may abdicate and pass the throne to his eldest son, Prince William.


And then, there's George.  Prince George is 3rd in line.  He could become King at some point.


It won't be an easy, public life.  He'll grow up being photographed constantly, he'll serve in the military and likely carry the burdens and stresses of a hard working member of the Royal Family.


And that's why, when I look at the official 2nd birthday photo of a cute, little Prince George, I almost feel sorry for him.


Entitled?  He sure is.


Are you tired today?  Did you sleep well last night?  If you answered "yes" and then "no" to those questions, listen up.  A health care provider I know is sharing some tips on social media YOU may find useful.


They're actually tips on what NOT to do.  #1 on the list is "sleep with the light on". Experts say even nightlights and bright lights on the alarm clock can disrupt sleep.


We're also advised not to crank up the thermostat.  We should keep it no warmer than 20 degrees in the house.  The experts also say we should NOT use loud alarm clocks. Apparently they can be stressful to us upon waking and that's not a good thing.  


The other tips?  Do NOT keep electronic devices near the bed, including alarm clocks, televisions and telephones.  Not only will the light disrupt our sleep but so will electromagnetic fields which can disrupt the pineal gland and melatonin and serotonin production.  


And, try NOT to change your bedtime.  They say if we can get into a routine we'll see amazing benefits, including falling asleep more easily and getting out of bed easier in the morning.  


Sleep tight...and I'll go look up pineal, melatonin and serotonin and get back to you on that.

Carnie's Comments - CANDID CAMERA

Most of us don't even think about it but, every once in a while, a retailer will post a sign that reads "Smile - You're on Camera".  It's a warning to you that you're movements are being recorded.  Shoplifters, of course, are the target.


Well, cameras are everywhere these days, including the venues that host us for hockey games and concerts...venues like Mosaic Place in Moose Jaw.


They recently shared a shot with police and they, in turn, shared it with the public.  It's a still shot of what appears to be an attractive, young lady, taking what appears to be a backdrop type of promotional poster from the recent Toby Keith concert.  She's dressed up like a country girl and appears to be smiling and having fun.


And, that's probably all it was.  She was having fun and probably grabbed that poster as a souvenir.  She probably didn't realize it's worth hundreds of dollars.  She's probably embarrassed and, perhaps ashamed by what she did.


Remember that old TV show, "Candid Camera"?  The song used go go "Smile, you're on Candid Camera".  And in 2015, we're all on the show.  Every day.  Everywhere.

Carnie's Comments - MOOSE JAW ROADS

We complain about ruts and snow removal in the winter and then, come summer, we complain about the repairs or the lack thereof.


It was potholes in the spring and now it seems bumpy, muddy and messy back alleys are the target on social media.  A local woman snapped a photo of her back alley. It appears to be in a new subdivision.  She says they've been there for 4 years and have yet to get gravel in the alley.


One of her neighbours said "'s frustrating when we all take great care to look after our properties."


The folks at City Hall, administration and elected officials, tell us they're overwhelmed with all the jobs.  They tell us they're working on it.  They ask us to be patient.


It seems to me we've been going downhill for years here in The Friendly City.  I remember nicely graded back alleys with quality gravel that could handle a rain shower or two.  Apparently those days are gone.


I've also witnessed the messes left behind after city crews dig for water main repairs. Oh, they replace the dirt but that's it.  I remember when they used to follow up and clean it up.


It seems to me we're paying more and more for salaries and getting less and less for our money. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.