Carnie's Comments - PLAY HARD

I read it on social media, I hear it at coffee shops and restaurants and at local recreational facilities.  I hear it on the radio at least once a week.


I hear kids, their parents and coaches talking about hard "work" and "working" hard to find success.  It doesn't sit well with me. 


You see, the kids aren't working, they're playing.  They play hockey - they don't work hockey.  You don't say, "Hey, you want to go work at hockey?" No, you say "Hey, let's go play hockey."  Right?


By definition, to play is to "engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose."  Make sense?


Next time you hear someone talking about a game and saying the kids "worked hard", ask them when playing a sport became a job for them.


Let them play.  Let the kids PLAY.

Carnie's Comments - Habitat for Humanity

They say they are "dedicated to eliminating sub-standard housing by building homes, in partnership with the community, for working families in need."


They build "simple, decent and affordable houses and provide interest-free mortgages to families who would not otherwise be able to purchase their own home."


They are Habitat for Humanity.  They broke ground on their 6th build on Friday.  A remarkable feat by a remarkable organization made up of good people who truly care.


Let me tell you, it's working.  I've seen the proof.  I've been a guest in the first, local Habitat home.  It houses a happily married couple with three, growing boys.  They've made that house a home.  They've gone from surviving to thriving.


So, next time someone urges you to donate to a "charity of your choice", you might consider Habitat for Humanity.  It's making a difference in our community.

Carnie's Comments - Happy Birthday, Facebook!

It was 12 years ago this week that it first fired up.  It didn't take long to catch on.  


I remember the apprehension.  Many, including me, were hesitant to jump on the bandwagon.  However, when I learned how many of my close friends and family members were taking part, I had to join the fun.


It was 12 years ago this week that Facebook started up.  It's estimated about 6 in 10 Canadian adults are on Facebook every day.  


I have a number of close friends and some family members who just don't want any part of it.  I just don't understand that.  Even if you're not an active member, it's great entertainment to look for and find old friends and acquaintances to see how they're doing.  I also look to Facebook to stay on top of local news and upcoming events.


Oh, and I've found my namesake.  In fact, there's a bunch of Rob Carnies over in Scotland.


Happy 12th birthday, Facebook.  You make my life better.

Carnie's Comments - DISTRACTED DRIVING

Chances are they'll hand out hundreds of violation tickets worth thousands and thousands of dollars.


Saskatchewan police forces are focused on distracted drivers this month. Police across the province are watching for those who use cellphones to talk, text or surf the internet while driving.  Apparently some people do that.  They're also looking for those who drive without due care and attention...those who who are eating, applying makeup and the like.


SGI is reminding us, not only will drivers get tickets, vehicles can be seized if you're a repeat offender. 


A "money grab", you say?  Not so.  Distracted driving is the number one contributing factor of collisions in Saskatchewan, and a top contributing factor in fatal crashes. In 2014, there were more than 3,900 distracted driving collisions, killing 27 people and injuring more than 700 others.


What else do you need to know?

Carnie's Comments - MAE WILSON

It was August 19th, 1916, six years before we had a local radio station, the Allen Theatre opened up in downtown Moose Jaw.  Everyone wanted to be there for the grand opening.  Every seat was sold.


The theatre became the focal point for the community with live theatre performances, music and silent films.


100 years later that same theatre, completely restored to its original splendor, is again the focal point as we celebrate its centennial.


We'll be celebrating with a series of concerts from local artists, starting this Saturday night.  The Bromantics will take to the stage with their rock 'n roll playlist from the 50's and 60's.  Oh, and tickets are just $15 - about the same price we paid to see concerts in the 60's.


Local musicians on stage in our local theatre.  I hope you and your family consider joining in on the celebration.  It's a good life we're living.

Carnie's Comments - JOHN SCOTT

He stole the show and stole some hearts along the way.  You can bet someone's working on the movie script right now.  Word is, he has already been approached about a movie deal.


John Scott, a 6 foot 8, 260 pound professional pugilist, was voted for by the fans to be in the NHL All Star game this past weekend.  In advance, the NHL, his employer, allegedly orchestrated a trade that saw him move from Arizona to Montreal where he was subsequently demoted to the minor leagues.  He was allegedly asked not to participate in the All Star game.  He did.  


John Scott, with 5 goals and 542 penalty minutes in 285 NHL games put on a wonderful performance, competing admirably in the skills competition and scoring goals in the All Star tournament.  He was ultimately rewarded with a new car as the fans voted him in as the MVP.


If I'm running the Montreal Canadiens, I'm calling him back up to the big league, boosting my team's morale and selling John Scott jerseys by the dozen. 

PC Party of Saskatchewan Leader Rick Swenson

FEBRUARY 1, 2016

What a gorgeous weekend for the last week of January! I actually took a few hours off after church yesterday and went ice fishing on Buffalo Pound Lake with an old fishing buddy. The surface of the lake this time of the year looks like a good sized town with all of the ice fishing shacks and vehicles that appear before you as you come over the crest of the hill as you are going down to the lake. Obviously, other people had the same idea and for all of you that keep track of these things, we caught our limit of yellow perch and one walleye and told lots of stories about fishing trips past.

The new Federal Liberal government released its new rules on pipeline development in Canada this past week. The various Ministers involved with the unrolling of this new set of rules said they have clarified the process by which pipelines can be built in Canada. I hope they are right but my first glance at the new regulations says we have two new unknowns.

One will be quantifying what the new greenhouse gas emissions criteria will entail as there was no threshold of amounts allowed and secondly, what will be the price for crossing various jurisdictions. What I am talking about is the cost of crossing Aboriginal land and making peace with people like the Mayor of Montreal. Until these perimeters have been established, the new regulations are no different than the past ones. Somewhere in this process, there has to be a criteria that is called "national interest" and that criteria needs a champion in the government who adds up all of the benefits of pipelines at the same time others are bringing up the negatives.

If the old National Energy Board has been negligent in enforcing pipeline safety rules under its current guidelines, then those board members should be fired and we find new ones that will crack the whip and give Canadians the confidence that safety is being looked after. This is not a business where you cut corners just to increase shareholder value. Safe pipelines are much better than rolling railcars full of crude through the centers of most urban areas in Canada. We are doing that because that is where the rail lines are.

Past experience has shown that accidents will happen. Oil cars will derail and oil cars will burn and explode. The more oil you push down the rail pipeline, the more chance there is for this happening in a major urban area. Pipelines do not normally go through the middle of town. Mr. Trudeau and his government need to quickly establish the new perimeters and get on with business.

The longer we wait and the closer we get to another election, the more difficulty we as a country will get to defining what's in all of our interests. In my view,
developing long-term secure refining capacity in Canada is in our interests. Developing long-term employment opportunities for Canadians is in our interests. Substituting Canadian energy supplies from ones imported from foreign countries that are our friend one day and our enemy the next is in our interests. Let's get on with it.

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.

Carnie's Comments - WARRIORS & Mosaic Place

Those who show up talk about it and they worry a little.


They are the 2500 people who attend Moose Jaw Warriors home games at Mosaic Place.  They're there for every game and I'll bet about 2000 of them have been going to the games for decades.  They are loyal fans who worry about the sometimes sparse crowds at the local games.


The Warriors tell us they have a solid foundation to work from and they're not exactly worried.  Season ticket sales are up and over 3000.  In fact, announced attendance at last night's 9-3 Warriors win over the Medicine Hat Tigers was 3134.  So, that's our season ticket holders and a few walk-ups.


Our arena, Mosaic Place, seats 4500 for hockey.  I know we built for the future and nobody expects the place to be full every night but, you should know, there's room for you and your family.  Come on out and support the team.  I'll guarantee you'll have some fun, you'll have a few laughs and you'll see some great hockey. 

Carnie's Comments - BACK TO SCHOOL

Mayor Higgins was there and so was Fire Chief Montgomery.  Teagan Witko from MIX 103 was charming the kids as were a number of other local celebrities.


We were at Sunningdale School to celebrate "Literacy Week" yesterday.  I had the pleasure of reading with the Kindergarten class along with some grade one and grade four students.  As you might expect, some of the kids seemed a little more enthusiastic than others but I found, in all three classrooms, every child was engaged.  They smiled.  They laughed.  They were having fun while they were learning.


We talked.  They asked questions.  I had most of the answers.


The children at Sunningdale School were well behaved and polite on a day that was exciting for them.  


I just thought you'd like to know, the teachers and support staff at Sunningdale School are doing good things.

Carnie's Comments - LITERACY WEEK

It's more than reading and writing.  The meaning of the word "literacy" has expanded over the years.  Oh, it does mean "the ability to read and write" but it also includes the ability to use numbers, images and language to understand and communicate with others.


I've had some experience with helping newcomers from other countries learn some of the basics of the English language.  It is so rewarding when things click and people catch on and frustrating when they don't.


One time I was working with a group of people from China.  "English only" was our rule.  One guy was having difficulty catching on as we discussed the food we eat and the names of our daily meals.


We were talking about the foods we had eaten before our class.  That one guy was lost.  So, we broke the "English only" rule and one of his classmates spoke to him in Mandarin.


It was then that he smiled ear to ear and proudly pronounced, "T-bone steak!"


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