Carnie's Comments - Back to School

This week, as we focused on a number of angles to get you and your family ready to get back to school next week, it brought back a lot of memories for me and my school days.

I remember the excitement and the anticipation.  There were so many things I liked about getting back into the school routine.  


But, there are also some most unpleasant memories.  I recall the anxiety I felt as I prepared to move from the top floor to the main floor for grade 7 at King George. There would be new teachers, tougher rules, more difficult school work and higher expectations in Division 3.


I can also remember the fear and anxiety I felt entering my first day of high school.  I was so nervous I was almost physically ill.  


Oh, I got through it OK but it was difficult.  In hindsight, I wish now that I had talked about it and shared my feelings with my parents.  They didn't recognize the fact I was in turmoil.


If you have kids or grandchildren getting ready for school, you might take some time to talk to them about that this weekend. 


They say it's the most complex and difficult language to learn.  It's the English language. It's a global lingua franca;  a bridge language, common language, used to make communication possible between those not sharing a native language or dialect. 


English also has more words than any other language.  And now...there are more.


Oxford Dictionaries have added 1000 new words to its database.  "Awesomesauce" is no longer slang.  It's now in the dictionary.  It's defined as an adjective, describing something extremely good.


Among the other new words are "beer o'clock" and "wine o'clock",  "butt dial" and "pocket dial", "fat-shame", "fur baby", "glanceable" and "hangry", a term now used to describe someone who is irritable due to hunger.


"MacGyver" is now a word used for an improvised repair job.  


Oh, and "mic drop" is now a noun in the Oxford Dictionaries.  It's an instance of deliberately dropping or tossing aside one's microphone at the end of a performance or speech one considers to have been particularly impressive.


Insert "mic drop" HERE.


You see what I did there?

Carnie's Comments - FINDING AL

It premiered on CBC TV on Saturday night.  You can have a look via the internet and, I'd recommend you do.


"Finding Al - A Documentary", highly anticipated by locals who played roles, is a most entertaining and informative piece.


Saskatchewan filmmaker Kelly-Anne Riess should be proud of her work which explored the lore, the legend, that infamous gangster Al Capone came to Moose Jaw.


The show features a number of local people from Moose Jaw along with the good folks of Watrous, Yorkton, Estevan and Portal;  all places, they say, that Capone and his organized crime syndicate had ties to.


The stories are intriguing, the footage marvelous and the professionalism is consummate.


Riess is promising a full-length version of "Finding Al - A Documentary" will be released later this year.  I can't wait.


Back to school.  That's the focus in many Saskatchewan homes this week as students get set for another year of studies.  It's a financially stressful time for many families.


A Bank of Montreal survey shows, all told, families spend over $400 per child at this time of year.  There are new clothes and the latest in electronics along with the books, notebooks, pens, pencils and the other basics.


I found some tips on how to save money on school supplies on a blog page called "".  They recommend you start looking for bargains early and, when you find them, consider stocking up for the future.  They also say parents should always salvage reusable supplies at the end of each school year AND if your kids object to using the same lunchboxes and backpacks, make them earn the new ones.


And, one stat I found most interesting;  21% of parents admit they spend more on back to school supplies than they save for their child's college education each year.

Carnie's Comments - Federal Election

My guess is there were more people watching the Blue Jays game than the leaders' debate on TV last night.


The Liberals are claiming victory.  A news release from their camp tells me Justin Trudeau proved "only Liberals have plan for real change" and "Trudeau fights for stronger middle class."


Trudeau, NDP leader Tom Mulcair and the Green Party's Elizabeth May were on the attack, targeting our controversial Canadian senate, the plan to allow income-splitting for families and more.


The National Post is calling Trudeau the winner "with no knockout punches" and "little drama."


The reaction on social media from engaged Canadians?


One guy Tweeted, "Nobody is winning this thing tonight.  Biggest loser?  Canada.  I remember when parties would lay out their plans during these things."


And, one highly educated, cerebral friend of mine said Trudeau's "shifty eyes are distracting," and Harper needs a new hair stylist and "Tom Mulcair's closing statement reminds me of when a senior tries to convince you to eat raisin pie.  You know it's horrid but he looks like he's convinced you're going to like it."

Carnie's Comments - SOCIAL MEDIA HI LITES

I know not everyone is active on social media.  The Statistics Canada numbers from a recent survey show just 25% of Canadians are on Twitter with about 59% of us on Facebook.


Today, many are missing out on some great quotes and quips.  Let me share.


"Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do."  A quote credited to Oprah.  I wonder, aren't we all doing that?


On the lighter side:  "Be kind to your daughter.  One day, she will be the one in control of your wheelchair."


Here's one from a downcast Rider fan;  "When I die, I want the Saskatchewan Roughriders to be my pallbearers, so they can let me down one last time."

A question:  "Why does toilet paper need a commercial?  Who is not buying this?"


How about this one?  "How to do sit-ups:  lay down, hands behind your head.  Wow, this is a good position for a nap.  Maybe just take a nap."


You're welcome!

Carnie's Comments FAMILY INCOME

We are going to hear the words "families" and "income" a whole lot in the coming weeks as the federal election campaign continues.  

The Fraser Institute did some work for us.  They found there's no income inequality crisis in Canada when it's properly measured.


Their study shows only a modest increase in income inequality among families between 1982 and 2010.  The share of income received by the top 10% of families increased by 12.9% - a far more modest increase in inequality than other studies show.  


The Fraser Institute's Christopher Sarlo, an economics professor, says other studies seem to ignore taxes and government transfers and that his study "contradicts the popular narrative about an inequality crisis in Canada."


He also points out that "some researchers use earnings as their sole measure of inequality, ignoring what government is already doing to close the gap, then call on government to take action."


And, I'll remind you, the Fraser Institute is an independent Canadian public policy research and educational organization that does not accept grants from governments or contracts for research.

Carnie's Comments - CECIL THE LION at home and around the world, after it came to light that an American hunter had taken the life of a locally loved big cat in Zimbabwe.  I get it.  It is a sad story.  The locals loved Cecil the lion.  He was beautiful.


But, you see, hunters from around the globe travel to Africa for hunting safaris.  The hunting is regulated and legal and exciting for those who hunt.  They go hunting for lions, water buffalo, elephants, giraffes and zebras.  


Yes, they want the trophies but you should also know the animals aren't wasted.  The locals dress them and prepare the meat and make use of the harvested animal, just like we do here at home when we go hunting for big game.


Rocker Ted Nugent, who is an advocate of hunting and gun ownership, recently posted an old photo of himself after bagging a lion on an African safari.  He pointed out, and I quote, "Every sacred, precious part of this animal was utilized.  We hired 40 people on the safari, shared the meat...and every hard earned resource this magnificent,  renewable resource provided while bringing in critical, massive revenues to the local economy."

Carnie's Comments - Guest Comments

She listens to the radio and she reads and, from time to time, she shares her thoughts.  I'm not sure she wants me to share her name but I can certainly share her opinion.


She's concerned with what she calls "distracted driving from a different angle."


We'll call it her "pet" peeve.  As she puts it, "The fur ball on the lap under the left arm of a driver who thinks he or she has distracted driving privileges.  They typically have an arm around the dog, which tends to wiggle"  while the vehicle is in motion.


She says she knows what it feels like to have paws and claws dig into her skin when weight shifts.  She also believes dogs in the driver's seat block or inhibit the view of the driver's side mirror.  She sees drivers who are barely able to turn the steering wheel while snuggling with their dogs.  She wonders why so many people do it and how they get away with it.  She believes driving with a dog in your lap may be more distracting than using a cellular telephone.


I think she's right.  Do YOU drive your car with a dog in your lap?  Stop it.

Carnie's Comments - Carnie's Heroes

She was nominated for "always remembering to call CHAB with our birthdays".  She is Darlene Weber of Moose Jaw.  We honoured her with a "Carnie's Heroes" celebration at Bobby's Place Olde World Tavern last night.


Darlene is a life-long Moose Javian, mother, grandma, great grandma and a dedicated listener to 800 CHAB.  She never misses an opportunity to call in birthdays for family and friends and for her daycare kids for the Evans Florist Birthday and Anniversary Show.  Dar has owned and operated a daycare centre in her own home for over 30 years.  


She was so grateful to be recognized but, like many who give more than they take, almost embarrassed with the reward of tasty food and drink at Bobby's and an interview on CHAB.


Way to go, Dar.  One of our good people doing good things in our community.  


You can nominate a good person.  Message me on the 800 CHAB Facebook Page or e-mail, is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.