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Carnie's Comments - NOSTALGIA

Today is Thursday.  I like Thursday.  It's the day we start looking forward to the freedom of the weekend and, for me, the anticipation is almost better than the actual days off.


I look forward to Thursday more than ever now since it has become known as "Throwback Thursday".  It's a weekly occurence on social media sites.  It's a theme of sorts pertaining to pretty much anything that has happened in our past.  The best posts come with photos...OLD photos.


It gives us a good excuse for posting old school photos of former broadcasters and employees from CHAB.


It's all about nostalgia...our sentimentality for the past,  It seems to me the older we get the more nostalgic we get.


I don't know about you but I can't get enough of looking at old photos of Moose Jaw's people and places.  


Have a look at CHAB's "TBT" photo on our Facebook page today.  Also, take some time to have a look at the photos on the Facebook page called "Moose Jaw Dayz".  It'll take you back in time and spark some pleasant memories.  I promise.


Carnie's Comments - PREMIER WALL

I'm not  bragging.  I'm just pointing out a fact.  I predicted he would, one day, be our premier. I'm not sure exactly when I said that but it was at the same time I called him "Saskatchewan's fastest rising political star".  I didn't have a daily commentary on the radio back then but I did write that line into a news story about the young, Swift Current MLA.


It wasn't long before Brad Wall became the leader of the Saskatchewan Party and in 2007, of course, he would become the 14th Premier of Saskatchewan.


A new Angus Reid poll shows the honeymoon continues.  Premier Brad Wall continues to be the most popular premier in the country.  He is enjoying a 65% approval rating.


Premier Wall has delivered on just about all of his election promises.  We have more police officers, more nurses, surgical wait times have been reduced, spending has increased on highways and infrastructure and our government has added more than 1000 electrified campsites.


I'll bet some of the 35% who didn't give Wall their "approval" in this recent poll are the folks who can't seem to get lucky when it comes to booking those campsites.

Carnie's Comments - WINTER BLUES

The good news is, we talk about it more and more.  The bad news is, it still exists and many of us don't even know we have it. "seasonal affective disorder" or "SAD" for short.


It can start in the autumn and continue through December and into January.  It's no joke.  It's a type of depression.  It can really leave you in a funk if you don't take action.  And, yes, YOU can take action.


The experts tell us to make an effort to get into the light as much as we can.  We also need to take time to play and get some exercise.


We're also advised to "go gently" into the holiday season.  Choose how and when you celebrate...pick your spots and don't over-do it.  


The experts also advise us to eat more of our favourite, healthy foods AND to wear our favourite clothes more often...the garments that make us feel comfortable.


Apparently, local people are hearing about this advise because I'm seeing more and more people wearing pajamas in public.  They seem really happy.

Carnie's Comments - REAL ESTATE

You could call it "normalizing", I suppose because what was happening was certainly not normal.  It was about 10 years ago when it started.  The local real estate market took off and within a few years the old homes that were going for $30,000 were going for $130,000!


I remember a number of experts back then saying the price of real estate was "correcting" itself and that prices would level-off and that everything happens in "cycles".


While prices are steady they are still increasing in Saskatchewan but there is a glut of homes on the market slowing sales up in Saskatoon where, last year, the average home was on the market for 45 to 60 days.  Projections have those numbers increasing to 60 to 80 days in the new year.


It appears to be a similar situation in Moose Jaw.  There are a number of homes here that have been on the market for that were getting snapped up within days just a few years ago.


So, if you're in the market to buy, 2015 could be good for you.  Oh, and by the way, we're still finding good homes for decent prices in Moose Jaw.  The national average for the price of a home is over $416,000.  The average price in Saskatchewan is still around $300,000.

MLA Musing

alt From the desk of Greg Lawrence, Moose Jaw Wakamow MLA...



Residents with provincial health coverage who have not received their health card renewal stickers in the mail are encouraged to contact eHealth Saskatchewan before December 31, 2014. The stickers validate health cards for a three year period from January 1, 2015, to December 31, 2017.

Residents who have not received their renewal packages in the mail should update their personal information at  Residents can also come to eHealth Saskatchewan at 2130-11th Avenue, Regina, to receive their renewal sticker or call 1-800-667-7551. eHealth’s hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. December 24 and 31.

The most common reason for people not to receive their renewal stickers is because they have moved and not updated their address with eHealth. This year, eHealth Saskatchewan mailed health card renewal stickers to more than 689,000 households in the province from September 15 to 30.

For more information on health benefits, visit



Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan Officially Launches

Today, the federal and provincial governments announced $300,000 in funding over the next three years for Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan.

The Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan officially transitioned into Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan at their industry conference on December 10. Formed with the support of industry groups and stakeholders, Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan will work with industry partners to build consumer trust and confidence in Saskatchewan’s agriculture and agri-food industry.

Governments supported the creation of Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan through $30,000 in funding in 2013 and a commitment to match industry support up to $100,000 in 2014. Through this latest investment, which will come into effect in 2015, governments will provide Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan with $100,000 in funding annually for the next three fiscal years.

“We are very appreciative of the commitment the Government of Canada and Government of Saskatchewan have made to our organization,” Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan Executive Director Adele Buettner said. “Saskatchewan’s agriculture and agri-food producers need a strong organization to represent their interests, and we look forward to filling that role. We are also eager to work with industry and consumers to increase public knowledge and awareness of Saskatchewan’s agriculture and agri-food industry.”

This Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan investment is funded through Growing Forward 2, a cost-shared partnership between federal, provincial and territorial governments designed to support an innovative, competitive and profitable Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector.

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