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Carnie's Comments - HIGHWAY CAMS

We're quick to criticize, aren't we?  When our leaders make decisions we don't agree with or direct taxpayer's dollars to programming we don't support, we speak out.  Well, here's a case where our leaders deserve a "Tip o' the Hat" and a "Way to Go".


The provincial government has installed six new roadside cameras, enhancing the road information they provide at the Highway Hotline.  We now have 10 of those cameras and one of the new ones is on Highway 1 at Moose Jaw.


The cameras are there for YOU to look at.  You'll find more live shots from a number of Saskatchewan highways to help you decide whether or not to travel.  Those cameras will come in handy when there's snow and blowing snow.  You won't have to wonder about'll be able to look and see.

And, there's more.  The new cameras will supplement a number of other improvements which will include a new alert icon to alert us to accidents, spills or other events that might impede travel.  The Highway Hotline map will also include weather warnings, amber alerts and more.


Those cameras, by the way, come at a cost of about $35,000 each.  If it makes travel safer it makes our lives safer.  That's money well-spent, isn't it?

Carnie's Comments - JUST BECAUSE



Today is "Just Because Day".  A good day for PARENTS.....”Just Because”.   It's a great answer to kids' questions when you don't have a answer....or when you don't have time to explain or when you don't want to take the time to think about it and explain.


JUST BECAUSE, I found years ago.....was also a great way for one of our top managers at Golden West Radio to end conversations.  He has since retired but his legacy is that answer.   "JUST BECAUSE, OK?"


It didn't matter what you were talking about or what you wanted an answer to.....generally speaking, if he didn't have an answer or if he just wanted to end the line of questioning and move on to other topics of the day, THAT was his thing.   "JUST BECAUSE, OK?"


And,  if you CHALLENGED raised eyebrows.  He'd say "Just because, OK?" and you'd say "No, it's not OK....."  And, the room would go silent.


And then you'd move on to something else.


SO, the question today is....WHY is today JUST BECAUSE DAY?


The answer to that today is....."JUST BECAUSE, OK?"

Carnie's Comments - HADWIN

He was a competitive hockey player growing up.  His father just couldn't seem to get him interested in golf.  Oh, he played but he didn't have the drive or the passion needed to be successful.


That changed and, after toiling tediously, this young, Canadian man will, this weekend, accept his PGA Tour card.  That's right, he'll be in "The Show" after finishing in the top 25 on the " Tour" where he has earned over $223,000 this season. 


They'll tell you he's from Abbotsford and that he grew up playing golf at the Ledgeview Club where his dad is one of the club pros.  That's OK.  That's all true.


But, you should also know, this young, pro golfer was born in Moose Jaw back in November of 1987. His dad, Jerry, was the pro at the Lynbrook Club at the time.


Adam Hadwin is his name.  He may have grown up in Abbotsford but he took his first swings right here in The Friendly the Lynbrook.  


Now you've got a story to tell your friends and family when you see Adam Hadwin on TV, competing on the PGA Tour, in the coming months.

Carnie's Comments - Trevor Jobe

As many of you likely remember, I spent a number of years calling the play-by-play action for the Moose Jaw Warriors right here on 800 CHAB.  I joined the broadcast team back in the fall of 1986.  That 86/87 team was one of the most exciting teams we've ever watched.


Long time Warriors fans will remember our top line that year featured 18 year old Theoren Fleury with right winger Mike Keane and sniper Trevor Jobe on the left side.  While Fleury and Keane finished their junior careers in Moose Jaw, Jobe would be traded to Prince Albert and go on to an eventful and storied professional hockey career.


He would go on to play in over 30 cities for over 30 teams in 11 different leagues and score a ton of goals everywhere he went...over 800 in total, including two straight seasons with over 80 goals.


He would play, in all, 16 seasons of pro hockey.  I lost track of him after he retired in the summer of 2005.  I found him this past weekend at Moose Jaw Warriors training camp.

47 year old Trevor Jobe is now scouting Alaska for our WHL club.  He played one season for the Anchorage Aces and made some contacts there and now he's back with the Warriors.  Jobe  tells me he'll be back to visit this season.


Welcome home, Jober.


Carnie's Comments - ICE BUCKET

It really is a competitive racket.  That's why charities hire and remunerate handsomely the professional solicitors who work and live in our communities.


The racket is fundraising.  Think about it.  How many worthwhile charities do you contribute to?  Now think about the various, creative and inviting ways they have to attract our donations.  The latest gimmick is working better than anyone could have hoped.  It is the "Ice Bucket Challenge" for ALS.


It has gone viral on social media.  Big name celebrities, local celebrities and people just like you and me are getting it done, accepting the challenges and making donations in the name of finding the cause and cure for ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  It's a terrible disease.  Once diagnosed, patients are given 2 to 5 years.  The end is unpleasant.


43 patients are registered in Saskatchewan with the ALS society.  It's estimated there are many more unregistered.  There are 4 in Moose Jaw living with ALS.  7 local people have lost their lives to it in the past 7 years.  Author and arts advocate Gary Hyland was one of them.  


Gary's son Mark supports the Ice Bucket Challenge.  On social media, he says "ALS took my dad... It ravaged his body and quickly robbed him of his functional independence.  I salute...all those fighting the battle daily as well as those supporting the Ice Bucket Challenge."

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