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Carnie's Comments - ALL TIME WARRIORS

Our community owned WHL club will release the results of the fan poll this weekend as we continue to celebrate the Warriors 30th anniversary in Moose Jaw.


Fans voted for 43 players with write-ins allowed over several weeks this winter.  The top 3 forwards, top 2 defencemen and the top goalie;  6 players will take their place on the Warriors' "All Time Team".


We already know who two of the winners are.


Goalie Joey Perricone captured our imaginations just a few years ago.  He was outstanding during what was the Warriors best season ever;  a 2006 appearance in the WHL championship final.  Joey wore a Warriors jersey for 5 seasons.


Theoren Fleury captured our hearts as a 16 year old spark plug who lit up the WHL with 29 goals in his rookie season.  He'd go on to play 4 full seasons, scoring 68 goals and 160 points in what was one sensational final season of junior hockey back in 87-88.


I don't believe anyone will ever match those numbers.  Theo Fleury was and is the Greatest Warrior of All Time.


Both Perricone and Fleury accepted invitations to join us for the celebrations this weekend.  Welcome home, boys.


I usually don't wait until I'm asked to voice my opinion...but a couple of people asked me yesterday what I think about mandatory recycling in Moose Jaw.


I like it.  It'll work for me.  In fact, I made that clear back in October when city council was moving towards it.  It was at that time I pointed out that for years our young people have been told to "reduce, re-use and recycle" and it's time we set an example.


I got hip to composting about 10 years ago.  I've seen, first hand, how composting reduces waste and how coffee grounds, onion skins and egg shells turn into lovely, rich soil.  

There are also rewards for recycling cans and bottles.  I usually get about $7.00 a bag at the Sarcan.


The reward for mandatory recycling?  Well, we'll be keeping tons of garbage out of our landfill and we'll reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  And, those of us who haven't been recycling paper and cardboard and tin and aluminum will no longer feel guilty.  All for less than $9.00 a month.


"It'll be met with some resistance....."  


Normally we guard against editorializing in the local newscasts on 800 CHAB but in this case, that first line from our top story this morning is a fact.


Moose Jaw City Hall...making a move towards mandatory curbside recycling.  City council gave city administration the green light to look at private contractors to deliver the service as early as next spring.


It's estimated each household would have to pay about $9 per month for the service.  No would be mandatory.


Many experts believe this is simply a "no brainer".  They say we'd keep tons of materials out of our landfill.  They say recycling vastly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and, they say, the more people do it, the more it becomes cost-effective.  Major cities are doing it and it's working. It can work here, too.


Remember the resistance to automatic garbage collection and the new garbage cans?  That seems to be working well.  Change is never easy but we can do it together.  


Interesting, for years, our children have been learning to "reduce, reuse and recycle".  I think it's time we set a good example.

Carnie's Comments - This Day in Local History

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing 6 years ago today? 


Perhaps you were one of the close to 13,000 Moose Javians who voted in a referendum.  


Yes, it was on this day, 6 years ago in 2009, we, for the second time in three years, we voted in favour of a plan to build a new arena, curling rink and a field house.  The MultiPlex, we called it.


7,626 people, about 60%,  said "yes" to the City of Moose Jaw spending $34.5 million on the project.


I don't even want to think about it but, can you imagine where we'd be without Mosaic Place, the Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre and our YaraCentre?


I don't think there's any question, adding these facilities has improved the quality of life in our city.  I can tell you I've sure enjoyed my time at Mosaic Place and YaraCentre.  And, I wonder, as do many others, what about the 5,099 people who voted "no" on this day, 6 years ago...have they taken some time to enjoy?

Carnie's Comments - MINING

There's coal, copper and zinc and diamonds and gold.  There's potash and uranium and salt, sodium sulfate and more.


These are commodities that are mined in Saskatchewan.  And, apparently, we're doing it right.


A new study from the Fraser Institute finds Saskatchewan is the most attractive jurisdiction for mining investment in Canada.  In fact, the study found we're #2 in the world, behind only Finland, when it comes to geological attractiveness and government policies that encourage exploration and investment.


It's interesting to note, potash and uranium are the most valuable minerals for us and Saskatchewan has the largest high grade reserves in the world for both.  


The Fraser Institute notes our provincial government has a transparent and productive approach to mining policy.


And, you know. Premier Wall did promise to "keep natural resource rates stable and encourage investment and job creation in resource industries".  Like he likes to say, "Promise made, promise kept."  

Carnie's Comments - SCOTTIES

The local committee is most pleased with the way it all unfolded.  The Canadian Curling Association has given us their nod of approval and local folks just can't seem to say enough about what was the 2015 Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Moose Jaw.


Even visiting media were impressed with us.  People like Winnipeg Free Press writer Melissa Martin.  The headline on an article written late last week was "Smash Hit: Moose Jaw's Mosaic Place has been a rock-solid choice for the Scotties".


Martin goes on to be most complimentary.  She praised fans for filling the seats and she praised Moose Javians for approving "plans to build the best arena they could find the money to buy:  a $61-million, 4500-seat ice palace and curling club just two blocks off Moose Jaw's picture-pretty downtown."


Martin also quoted Scotties co-chair Glenn Hagel, who was more than happy to talk about his city.  "We've managed to capture the pride of the '20s, the old West, but with modern-day function," Hagel said.  "It feels like a big, small town.  There is an ambiance about the place that's often taken for granted by the locals...You don't appreciate it so much when it's the place you call home."


Hear, hear, Mr. Hagel.  Hear, hear.

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