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Carnie's Comments - ALL TIME WARRIORS

I had heard it was coming.  I think it's a great idea.  The Moose Jaw Warriors, celebrating their 30th anniversary by asking fans to choose their all-time favourite players.


The fan ballots allow for 4 votes per person but there is no limit to the number of ballots you fill out.  Each one includes 20 forwards, 13 defencemen and 10 goalies.


When you run down the names you realize how fortunate we've been to have seen so many gifted athletes play for our team.  Theo Fleury, Mike Keane, Kelly Buchberger, Ryan Smyth and so many more like Chad Hinz and Mark Mackay, Tomas Fleischemann, Kyle Brodziak and more recently, Troy Brouwer and Morgan Rielly entertained local hockey fans.


The plan is to tally the votes and invite the all-time team, 3 forwards, 2 defencemen and a goalie to come back to their old stompin' grounds for a special, anniversary weekend in February.


In all, there are 43 names on the ballot.  In my humble opinion, about 15 more than needed.


There's one rule;  If there are more than 4 names checked on a ballot it will be deemed spoiled and discarded.  Oh, and also my opinion, if there are any ballots that don't have Theoren Fleury's name checked, they should be deemed spoiled.

Carnie's Comments - CHRISTMAS SHOPPING

I feel it and unless you're firmly planted and focused, you feel it too.  It's pressure.  Pressure to get out and do some Christmas shopping.  


Why?  Because it's what we're supposed to do.  We've got to get out there and buy things for others;  Christmas gifts.  


We'll talk about it and we'll ask about it.  We'll find out what our friends and family "need" and what they might "like" under the tree.  We'll see friends and acquaintances while we're out shopping and shopping will, in fact, be a topic of conversation.  We'll wonder if our friends are finished with their shopping or how many more gifts they have to buy.  We'll also ask what they're doing for Christmas although most of us don't really care.


Christmas shopping is so topical at this time of year it's the subject of our Moose Jaw Ford Community Web Poll on  As of this morning, most of our respondents said "Nothing yet.  The real fun comes when you shop at the last minute."


And, when you appear to be in a hurry, you won't have to stop and deal with all the small talk. 

Carnie's Comments - Agribition

Canadian Western Agribition is on in Regina this week.  It takes me back about 15 years.  There I was...many years after starting my job at CHAB.  I was assigned to Agribition.


I would spend every day at the show that fall, reporting on all the events and getting the stories behind the stories.  I would talk to and connect with the people who make it happen in the livestock industry.  I really had no clue what I was doing or what they were talking about but I paid attention and I listened and I asked the right questions and by the end of the week I was talking and walking with confidence, smiling at everyone.


It was on the Friday afternoon I stepped away from our broadcast location for a litte fresh air just oustide the Brandt Centre.  It was there I'd been feeding some sheep in a small pen, set up between buildings.


As I stood and watched the animals, a cute, little girl approached the pen with her focus obviously on the sheep.  I said "Hello" and then I said "You know, if you grab some of that green feed there and throw it into the pen, the sheep will scramble over to it and head-butt each other to get some."


She looked up at me like I was an idiot and replied, "I know.  Them are my sheep."

Carnie's Comments - JOHN FOGERTY

He's still got it.  His passion and energy is remarkable and, frankly, inspiring for the aging.


John Fogerty, the musician, the voice behind Creedence Clearwater Revival, put on a really good rock 'n roll show in Moose Jaw last night.


A jam-packed, sold out Mosaic Place came alive with one big party for old school rockers.  It was awesome.  There were "long hairs", jean jackets, tie-dye shirts and a few, marvelous mullets to make the middle aged feel right at home.  


Fogerty shared his life with us.  He showed video and told stories including his Woodstock experience.  He was there.  CCR followed The Grateful Dead in the middle of the night...Sunday morning, actually.  People listened and smiled and remembered.  


John Fogerty took us all on a trip down memory lane.  He took us back to our youth and memories of late night parties with CCR cranked on the stereo system.

Thanks for coming, John Fogerty.  You can come back any time.

Carnie's Comments - SOCIAL MEDIA

Remarkable, it is.  Social media.  It has opened up a whole new world for us and access to people we would never have been able to contact before.


Let me give you some examples.  Susan Jacks.  A legendary musical act.  She rose to stardom in the late 1960's and scored a string of big hits with The Poppy Family and as a solo act.  More than 40 years later she's on Facebook and interacting with friends and family AND fans.


Myles Goodwyn.  Lead singer and guitar player with April Wine.  It's for real.  He is really on Facebook, just like Susan Jacks.  He doesn't have a publicist working on his page for him, he does it and seemingly enjoys it.


Susan is 66 years old.  Myles is 66.  They're keeping up.


I know a number of people, friends and family, who are resisting.  They tell me they don't want and don't need social media.  I try to tell them, if they approach it and utilize it with an open mind, they'll enjoy it.


Facebook and Twitter.  Social media.  If you're not on the band wagon yet, go ahead, jump on and join in.  You've gotta keep up or get out of the way.  Hey, you could become friends with stars like Susan Jacks and Myles Goodwyn!

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