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Carnie's Comments - PASSION

I'd recommend you watch and listen.  If you need a little motivation or if you have children, you should take the time to watch and listen.


It's an inspirational video we're sharing on the CHAB Facebook page today.  It features champion snowboarder Mark McMorris.  He won a bronze medal at the Olympics last winter and in recent days finished on top at the Winter X Games.


McMorris talks about what he wants, why he wants it and the challenges.  He talks about focus, intensity and confidence.  He also touches on creativity, innovation and taking risks to achieve progression and how it all comes back to PASSION;  the passion he has for his sport.


This young, 21 year-old athlete speaks with confidence about how he is able to take "pressure" and use it as fuel.  He thrives on it.  


It's a great video to share with friends and family or with your employees or co-workers.  You'll find inspiration and motivation and you'll feel pride in the fact this young man is one of ours.


Long time fans and supporters of the Moose Jaw Warriors couldn't understand how he kept his job as long as he did.  In fact, there was a petition going around the rink a couple of weeks ago, calling on the board of directors to take action.  They did...Friday.


Assistant general manager and head scout Rob MacLachlan was fired.  He was with our club for 14 years.  Our team is in danger of missing the WHL playoffs for a 3rd straight season.


Rob MacLachlan's work was on display for 36 home games in each of the past two seasons in Moose Jaw.  That's they key.  36 home games per season.  None in the playoffs.

You know, when high profile organizations want to do something quietly, they do it on a Friday afternoon...not as many people pay attention to the news on weekends. That's what the Warriors chose to do.


Let's hope the move to fire MacLachlan resonates loud and clear within the organization.  The people who support this community-owned hockey club want a winner.  They deserve it after 31 seasons without.

Carnie's Comments - NON SMOKING WEEK

Do you smoke tobacco?  Chances are, you don't but if you do, you're one of 22.8% of Saskatchewan people who do.  Yes, more than 1 in 5 Saskatchewanians age 12 and over are smokers.


If you think "that's not so bad", well, I think you're right.  A study that came out last year showed Canada was among a group of 4 countries that have reduced smoking rates by more than half since 1980.


We've come a long way just recently here at home.  Think about it.  It was only 11 years ago that we banned smoking in all indoor, public places in Moose Jaw.


I can remember people smoking a the YMCA and in local hockey rinks.  They smoked at the curling rink.  In fact, they had ashtrays adjacent to every sheet of ice.


I can remember smoking in restaurants while people were eating and some would smoke WHILE they were eating.  We were smoking on buses and airplanes and in doctor's offices and hospitals.  


It all just seems so unbelievable now, doesn't it?  

Carnie's Comments - SCOTTIES

We had a good laugh the other day.  Rob Greensides from Assiniboia was on The Heartland at Noon talking about the Viterra - Scotties Tournament of Hearts Provincial Women's Curling Championship.  Greensides is the co-chair with the host committee.


Tongue-in-cheek, he pointed out the winners earn an "all expense paid trip from Assiniboia to Moose Jaw".  He's right.  The NATIONAL Scotties Tournament of Hearts IS in Moose Jaw at our Mosaic Place and Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre.


Like Moose Jaw, the forward-thinking folks in Assiniboia had some challenges convincing locals that constructing a new facility was a good idea.  13 years later and just about everyone in and around Assiniboia has made good use of the Prince of Wales Cultural and Recreation Centre.  


They say hindsight is 20-20.  Thank goodness those with vision have been the ones taking the lead in our communities.

Carnie's Comments - GRETZKY

It hit me like a ton o' bricks...knocked the breath right out o' me.


OK, I'm exaggerating, really did hit me today when I learned Wayne Gretzky is a grandpa.  His daughter, Paulina, had a baby boy yesterday.  Gretzky is probably comfortable with it but it's making me feel old.


I can tell you all sorts of Gretzky stories but the one I like best takes me back to the day he was traded from Edmonton to the Los Angeles Kings.  That one hit the whole country like a ton o' bricks.  It was the top news story across Canada.  We were shocked.  


It was a sunny, warm, August day in 1988.  Once the news was absorbed in our news room, I hit Main Street - Moose Jaw to get reaction from the man-on-the-street.  Most I talked to refused to believe me.  


And, I'll never forget, one young man I talked to had this puzzled look on his face, like he was wondering why I was wasting his time.  After I had explained that Gretzky had been trade to L.A. he looked at my like I was a buffoon and he said, "Don't you know, that's all fake?"

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