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Carnie's Comments - JOHN FOGERTY

He's still got it.  His passion and energy is remarkable and, frankly, inspiring for the aging.


John Fogerty, the musician, the voice behind Creedence Clearwater Revival, put on a really good rock 'n roll show in Moose Jaw last night.


A jam-packed, sold out Mosaic Place came alive with one big party for old school rockers.  It was awesome.  There were "long hairs", jean jackets, tie-dye shirts and a few, marvelous mullets to make the middle aged feel right at home.  


Fogerty shared his life with us.  He showed video and told stories including his Woodstock experience.  He was there.  CCR followed The Grateful Dead in the middle of the night...Sunday morning, actually.  People listened and smiled and remembered.  


John Fogerty took us all on a trip down memory lane.  He took us back to our youth and memories of late night parties with CCR cranked on the stereo system.

Thanks for coming, John Fogerty.  You can come back any time.

Carnie's Comments - SOCIAL MEDIA

Remarkable, it is.  Social media.  It has opened up a whole new world for us and access to people we would never have been able to contact before.


Let me give you some examples.  Susan Jacks.  A legendary musical act.  She rose to stardom in the late 1960's and scored a string of big hits with The Poppy Family and as a solo act.  More than 40 years later she's on Facebook and interacting with friends and family AND fans.


Myles Goodwyn.  Lead singer and guitar player with April Wine.  It's for real.  He is really on Facebook, just like Susan Jacks.  He doesn't have a publicist working on his page for him, he does it and seemingly enjoys it.


Susan is 66 years old.  Myles is 66.  They're keeping up.


I know a number of people, friends and family, who are resisting.  They tell me they don't want and don't need social media.  I try to tell them, if they approach it and utilize it with an open mind, they'll enjoy it.


Facebook and Twitter.  Social media.  If you're not on the band wagon yet, go ahead, jump on and join in.  You've gotta keep up or get out of the way.  Hey, you could become friends with stars like Susan Jacks and Myles Goodwyn!

Carnie's Comments - REAL ESTATE

It's a good time to buy, they say.


Are you in the market to buy or sell a home?  There was a time, just a few years ago, when local homes were being sold as fast as they went on the market.  That isn't happening now.  Some of the experts are calling it a "buyer's market".


Some interesting numbers from the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals this week.  They show first-time home buyers, on average, make a 21% down payment and about 40% of those payments have come from personal savings.  However, many still lean on family to help out.  17% of down-payments in our country come from family.


The report finds young people, ages 18 to 34, have been waiting for prices to drop while they attempt to save more money.  


So far this year, about 425,000 homes have been sold in Canada and the average price?  Just over $400,000.  Earlier this year the average price for a home in Saskatchewan was about $300,000.  So, it's clear, while the "SaskaBoom" continues, we can still get good deals on houses.  

Carnie's Comments - GO WEST, YOUNG MAN

THEY used to make fun of us.  Some probably still do.  But, a number of them are coming our way to work and live with us.


A new study from the Fraser Institute shows, proves, that Saskatchewan along with Alberta offers the most opportunity for young Canadians while Ontario and Quebec "mimic the economic malaise of Atlantic Canada".


The study finds the prospects for young people are poor down east these days.  The conclusions were reached after employment rates, income levels, private sector investment and population patterns were all considered.


Men and women from Atlantic Canada have been coming this way for years and now young people from Ontario and Quebec are joining them and apparently enjoying their new jobs.


Oh, and it's interesting to note, I know a guy who provides transportation to and from a job site on a regular basis.  He says the guys from Atlantic Canada are happy to have good jobs, happy to be here and they always say "thank you".  Always.  The local guys?  Not so much.  


Perhaps we've been spoiled.  Ya think?

Carnie's Comments - PHOTO RADAR

Photo radar.  It's here.  In Moose Jaw.  Those who exceed the speed limit along the Trans Canada Highway at 9th Avenue North West will be punished with speeding tickets.  


It's an effort, a reaction, to consistent calls for action at that intersection dating back many, many years.  I hope it works.  The goal, of course, is to reduce the number and severity of the accidents at that corner.  Eventually, I believe, we'll need a set of traffic lights there as business expands on the north side of the number one highway but, it hasn't happened yet.  


I still like coming into Moose Jaw from the east on Athabasca Street.  That's where everyone used to come into our city.  You can still feel the nostalgia.  There's still a motel, a laundromat and one corner store surviving from those days over 40 years ago.  


And, when I come that way, I wonder if we did the right thing...building the Trans Canada Highway "around" our city.  We used to invite all west-bound travelers IN to our city.  Many of the businesses that once thrived on Athabasca Street East slowly died.  


Maybe one day we'll have a whole bunch of thriving businesses on that north side and we'll put up traffic lights and people will stop and stay in Moose Jaw for awhile...again.

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