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Carnie's Comments - Hunt / Hartney

It was spring 2001.  I was calling my final few Warriors games on 800 CHAB.  The Warriors had just brought in a new coach, Curtis Hunt, for the stretch run and the playoffs.


Curtis and I butted heads first thing.  He didn't want to tell me something I wanted to know.  I knew I'd be finished within days so I didn't worry about it much.  We didn't resolve it.  We just moved on.


He remembers that 13 years later.  In fact, Hunt brought it up on a live radio talk show yesterday.  I was a guest on Rod Pedersen's "Sports Cage".  Pedersen asked "Who ended up winning that battle?" and Hunt says "Rose Mary Hartney".  You see, for many years, Miss Hartney was the Warriors' education coordinator at Vanier Collegiate.


Hunt explained.  "Well", he said, "after I let Carns know how things were gonna work, I let Miss Hartney know how we'd be handling the education side of things and she said "Listen, Curtis.  I was here before you got here and I'll be here after you're gone.  We'll be handling the boys' education the way I say."


I enjoyed that story and...I feel better about my relationship with Curtis Hunt.  It was a good day.

Carnie's Comments - Promo Videos

We never really seem to get things right.  I know everyone makes mistakes.  But for these mistakes or inaccuracies to go unnoticed, in my opinion, is inexcusable.


I haven't heard anybody talking about it.  I'm not sure how many local folks know about it.  We need to talk about it.


The City of Moose Jaw has a series of promotional videos up and running and ready for viewing on their website.


The video, the pictures, the commentary...are pretty good.   But, in one of the videos, the announcer talks about "Re-Barb Productions Program".  It's actually "RuBarb :Productions" and it's not exactly a program, it's a theatre company.


That same video, entitled "Quality of Life", also tells the viewer "visitors and residents alike can enjoy ice fishing on our gorgeous lake". We can only assume they're talking about Buffalo Pound.  Oh, and "locals take full advantage of our ski slopes and ski areas".  Really?  Where are they located?  We're left to wonder.


It's a production we paid for being featured on a website we pay for.  We should be upset about this.

Carnie's Comments - What YEAR is this?

I suppose you could call it a "pet peeve".  I seem to have a few.

I'm growing tired of the way people refer to what YEAR we're in.  I didn't think it was going to be such a problem but it has been...ever since the clock turned from the year two thousand to ""twenty-o-one".  It seemed most of us said and continue to say "two thousand" when naming the year we're in. It hasn't stopped and I don't know why.

It just sounds better and it really is easier to say "twenty fourteen" instead of "two thousand and fourteen".   Do you not agree?  So, then, why do we still say "two thousand".  Let's go with "twenty", shall we?

Think about it.   Babies being born this 20 years, when someone asks, "In which year were you born?", those 20 year old people will say "Twenty fourteen", won't they?  So then, why would we not give the "two thousand" thing a rest and start saying "twenty".  It's 2014.  Twenty fourteen.

Oh, by the way, some of the kids these days have an old saying all mixed up.  Have you heard this one?  Instead of saying they'll "play it by ear", they're saying they'll "play it by YEAR".  I'm not kidding.  Somebody stop this.

Carnie's Comments - Canada's Team?

It happens annually...usually around this time of year when top teams in the National Hockey League begin competing for the Stanley Cup.

So-called hockey "fans" start chirping about "their" teams and teasing others about the teams they pull for.  It's good fun.


BUT, the fun alway seems to come with an irritant.  What irks me is when hockey "fans" talk about the "Canadian" teams in the playoffs.  They say there's only ONE Canadian team this year;  Montreal Canadiens.  What they "mean" is there's only one Canadian BASED team.


You see, hockey is Canada's game.  There are Canadians on each and every playoff team.


In fact, there are Saskatchewan boys on 13 of the 16 playoff teams.  


The Philadelphia Flyers have 15 Canadians on their roster.  Dallas has 16 and the team with the most?  Colorado Avalanche.  They have 18 Canadian players on the team.  Oh, and the Montreal "Canadiens"?  They have 13 Canadian boys on the team and their captain is American.  Please, don't tell me the Habs are "Canada's team".

Carnie's Comments - TIME TO SHINE

They're on the way from across the country.  We'll see hundreds from Prince Albert and dozens from BC and Halifax, Toronto and Chateauguay, Quebec.  They are hockey players, coaches, managers, parents, family, friends and fans...HOCKEY fans.  They're coming here for The Telus Cup - our national midget hockey championship.


It starts on Monday.  The host Moose Jaw Generals will compete for the title in a 6 team, round robin tournament with an eye on Sunday, April 27th.  That afternoon, the two top teams will compete for the title on national TV.


Moose Jaw, YOU are once again going to be front and centre on the national stage.  It has happened a couple of times since we built Mosaic Place.  I think we'll do our part.  We'll smile and greet our visitors with a friendly demeanor, won't we?  I'll bet Mosaic Place will be all shined up and lookin' good, too.


I wonder how we could get some street sweepers out to clean up around our arena?  I wonder how we could get all the potholes on Main Street and around the downtown core filled up before the weekend.  I'll bet you'd have to be the mayor or city manager to make that happen.  I'll bet nothing like that will happen.


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