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Believe it or not, the only people I've found who actually like them are letter carriers. Seriously.


The community mailboxes that will soon be in operation in Moose Jaw are going up across our city.  Some local letter carriers have been looking forward to this because, these days, they have to carry a lot of weight, delivering more than just the mail. They're lugging around stacks of flyers and other advertising.


Like most, I'll be inconvenienced by this.  I'd rather have home delivery but, I'm sure I'll get used to stopping and picking up my mail 2 or 3 times a week.


I'm empathizing with some local property owners who now have these community mailboxes on their lawns.  You can see a photo of one on the CHAB Facebook page today.  The boxes are set up just a few feet from a backyard patio over on Hall Street. These people will no longer have privacy in their own backyard.  My guess is the value of that property will take a hit.


I understand the need to move to the community mailboxes but I also believe the locations should have been chosen more carefully.

Carnie's Comments - CAREY PRICE

There was glitz and glamour, tuxedos and superstars...and a heart-felt, touching moment at the National Hockey League Awards Night in Las Vegas.

In fact, it was the young man who stole the show last night who said it:


"People would say it's very improbable that I would make it to this point in my life," he said.  "I've made it here because I wasn't discouraged.  You know, I've worked hard to get here.  I took advantage of every opportunity that I've had.  And, I'd really like to encourage First Nations youth to be leaders in their communities, be proud of your heritage and don't be discouraged."


He is Carey Price.  The Montreal Canadiens goalie won the Hart Trophy as league MVP, the Vezina Trophy as top goalie, the Ted Lindsay Award, voted by the players, as most outstanding player and he was co-winner of the Jennings Trophy for allowing the fewest goals.


Price is an inspiration to First Nations youth up in Williams Lake, BC, where he played his minor hockey.  I've seen it.  Hockey fans across Canada heard about it from the superstar himself last night.   


Our First Nations youth need hope and inspiration and to focus on the future.  Carey Price knows he can make an impact.  He did that last night.

Carnie's Comments - Carnie's Heroes

We'll give 'em all a pat on the back and a "Way to Go" tonight at Bobby's Place Olde World Tavern;  Carnie's Heroes.


As you've likely heard, we're looking for your nominations.  We want to reward local people for being good people.  You can take part and submit your nominations on the CHAB page on right now.


The first celebration will include Jean and Otto Kempel, long-time members at the Hillcrest Golf Club.  They organize a little golf tournament that raises a whole lot of money for the Moose Jaw Health Foundation.


We're also going to thank Wayne Cameron.  He has spent countless hours chipping in and helping out with youth projects here at home and abroad.


We'll say "thanks" to Roger Owens.  He coaches Little League baseball and flag football.  The kids love him.  The parents tell us he lets the kids have fun without the pressure to win.


Congratulations to our first group - Carnie's Heroes. 

Carnie's Comments - GRADUATION

It has done me a world of good to meet and interact with some of Moose Jaw's brightest, young people.  I have talked with a number of local valedictorians over the past several days.  They're outstanding, outgoing people with a focus on the much promise.


I've come away from each of these interviews feeling good about our young people and the future of our city, our province and our country.  I have also felt a little bit jealous and, if you're about my age, you'll get it.


I envy young people today because they have so many options and so much opportunity.  We have more jobs available than people to fill them in Saskatchewan and those who have access to post-secondary education are going to be the winners. The latest numbers show graduates from Sask Polytechnic have a 94% employment rate with many accepting jobs BEFORE they graduate.


Hey, did Rodney Dangerfield really go back to school or was that just in the movies?

Carnie's Comments - PUBLIC PROTEST

I understand.  I know there are times when some feel there's nowhere to turn.  So, we come together.  We produce petitions and ask friends and neighbours to sign and we have public demonstrations and protests to bring attention to the issues.  I understand.


However, I always wonder if there's a better way.  I always wonder if those involved really exhausted all of the other possibilities.


There was a recent case that had me wondering those things.  It was the problem with air conditioning at the Providence Place health care facility.  A number of local people staged a rally to bring attention to the problem.  They didn't need to.


Local MLA Greg Lawrence told us that he told one of the rally organizers that a new A/C system had been approved and the wheels were in motion to provide temporary relief from the heat while we wait for the new unit to be installed.  He delivered that news on a Friday and, the next day, they staged the rally.  


Did that make any sense or accomplish anything?  I think not.  


In this case, it was about communication and cooperation...not placards and protest.

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