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Carnie's Comments - FARMING

It ain't Old MacDonald's Farm anymore but, turns out, a lot of us still think it is.


Most interesting results from a Canadian Federation of Independent Business report.  It finds farming in Canada is not what many Canadians think it is.


It's apparent that many of us have misconceptions about agriculture in general.  Many believe farmers aren't innovative, that the industry is shrinking and that family farms are becoming extinct.


The facts are 51% of farmers have plans to adopt new, innovative technologies within 3 years and 44% have plans for expansion.  It's also a fact that 1 in 8 Canadian jobs is supported by agriculture.


This all reminds me of when I started out in radio.  If you want to break into the business in Saskatchewan, at some point, you've got to cover an agriculture event or two.  I felt out of place and in the dark in some places but I soon found, if you ask the people the right questions, they appreciate your interest and you can learn quickly.


However, I did go for years wondering what we use canary seed for.  I finally asked Kevin Hursh.  He said "We use it to feed canaries."


Did you know that?

Carnie's Comments - TERROR

He referred to both of this week's terrorist attacks in Canada when he addressed his nation last night.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper talked about our soldiers lost;  Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.


He talked about the "compassionate and courageous nature" of Canadians.


The Prime Minister also assured us that Canada will not be intimidated.  He said we will "strengthen our resolve and redouble our take all necessary steps to identify and counter threats" and "to work with our allies around the world, and fight against the terrorist organizations who brutalize those in other countries...they will have no safe haven", he said.


The words our Prime Minister spoke were heard around the world.  They were very carefully chosen and delivered.


It was on Tuesday that six  Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornets were sent on an international combat mission against terrorists in Iraq.  Something tells me our RCAF personnel at 4 Wing Cold Lake will be getting more ready...soon.

Carnie's Comments - Terror at Home

It was almost unbelievable.  Just moments after I put the finishing touches on today's commentary, hell broke loose on Parliament Hill today.  Today's topic was, in fact, terrorism here at home.


I noted;  Some are calling it "Canada's first ISIS-inspired terror attack" and "the war on terror's first military casualty on Canadian soil".


There are others who believe he was just another nut-job.


He was Martin Couture-Rouleau.  He lived in a community just southeast of Montreal where, on Monday, in a shopping centre parking lot, he drove at and hit two soldiers. 

One of the soldiers will survive.  Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent died Monday night.  He was a military veteran.  He was 53 years old.  


Do you ever wonder if Moose Jaw, the people of Moose Jaw, might be a target because of our proximity to 15 Wing and the fact we're home to the Saskatchewan Dragoons and the D.V. Currie Armoury?  Do you ever wonder if the armoury and/or  15 Wing might be targeted?  


This Quebec incident answers that question, I believe.  We could be targeted.  Our men and women in uniform could be targeted.  


YES, that's what I had written moments before we learned of the attack on Parliament Hill today.


There is no doubt now...the war on terrorism is now being fought on Canadian soil.


His life didn't get off to a good start.  His mother drank alcohol when she was pregnant and he has a form of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  He started doing drugs and drinking at age 11. In fact, he says, the first time he tried smoking crack cocaine was with his mother.  They had re-acquainted after she abandoned the boy when he was only 4 months of age.


Sad story, eh?  


That poor, little boy grew up to be a monster.  At age 17 he attacked and raped and beat a 62 year old grandmother as she was walking home.  It happened in Edmonton about 3 years ago now.  He left her for dead.  She almost died.  She suffered permanent brain damage. She doesn't even know what happened...the family choosing not to tell her.


The monster was sentenced to 9 years in prison yesterday.  Of course he got credit for being in pre-trial custody so he'll serve just over 6 more years but I don't want to criticize what I believe is a light sentence.


I want to point out that cases like this and people like this monster and his victim, this is an example of WHY, as a society, we're trying to make a difference with early childhood intervention and education.  It makes sense for us to support families and children from the beginning...before the cries for help.


If you want to learn more the South Central Regional Intersectoral Committee will welcome your interest.

Carnie's Comments - CABLE GUY

He called at a good time.  It was a call from Stanley who works for the TV service I subscribe to.  He wanted to upgrade and expand my service for a small price and make my internet faster than the speed of sound.


I told Stanley I might be interested...but I'd be MOST interested in him looking into getting my TSN-HD back.  I've only got audio and no video.  That's not good on TV.   I said TSN-3 has had the CFL games so I haven't missed much on TSN-HD, the flagship.  BUT, I said, I'd really like it back now.


Stanley said he wasn't a technician and I'd have to call someone else.  I called him out.  I told Stanley he was gonna have to find a way to fix my problem or I wouldn't be upgrading.  And, I asked him when he was born.  He told me, "I don't disclose that kind of personal information on the telephone!"


So, I said, "Were you alive in 1977?"


He said "No."


I said, "Well, Stanley, that's when we first got cable TV in Moose Jaw."


He said "I know the history...." And I interupted and said "No, you don't."


I said "Stanley, when cable TV first got hooked up in my neighbourhood, which is the same neighbourhood I live in now, no one came out of their houses for 3 days."

He said "Wow".


He's working on that TSN problem.  He's gonna get back to me on that.  If he does, he might earn some commision on those upgrades he's trying to sell.


Oh, I'll keep you posted.  Have a good weekend.

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