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Carnie's Comments - GENERATION GAP

Do you remember someone calling you a "young whippersnapper"?  It was what they called "the generation gap" at work.  We have proof today that it still exists.


It comes in the form of a study from Universtiy of Saskatchewan political scientist David McGrane.  It's called "Could a Progressive Platform Capture Canada's Youth Vote?


He found, more than older Canadians, younger Canadians support increases in taxes tied to better public services, prioritize environmental protection over economic growth, support more spending on health and education and want an activist government that creates jobs.


Interesting...72% of younger Canadians said the world is changing and we should adapt our view of moral behaviour to these changes but only 57% of the over 35 crowd agreed.


The bottom line?  The study finds young people from all walks of life have relatively similar and more progressive political priorities.


We got to the polls in a federal election later this year.  Exciting, eh?

Carnie's Comments - DISTRACTED DRIVING

It needs to stop.  If you do it, YOU need to stop.  Oh, I've done it.  I knew it was dangerous so I stopped on my own.


Then there were the horror stories.  People, in some cases young people, right here in Saskatchewan, crashing and killing because they were texting while driving motor vehicles.

Then the new laws were passed making it illegal to operate a hand-held cell phone while driving.


And then last month police agencies across our province caught 245 distracted drivers. People using cell phones accounted for 184 of those infractions.  Two vehicles were seized from repeat offenders.  I wonder if those 2 drivers will continue to use their phones while driving.  I'll bet they will.


There is talk about legislators making the penalties even stiffer than they are.  I'll bet they will.

Carnie's Comments - MAYOR SALARY

It was on this day in Moose Jaw history, city council voted in favour of boosting the mayor's annual salary from $7500 annually to $7800.  It was 1967.  Scoop Lewry was in his 2nd of 3 stints as our mayor.


Today, our mayor earns a yearly salary of about $67,000.  In today's world, that's not a lot of dough.  It's interesting to note there are over 40 civic employees who make over $100,000 a year.  My opinion?  The mayor should be in that group.


You know, we've been lucky.  A number of the people who have admirably served us over the past 20 years didn't really need the money.  People like Ray Boughen and Glenn Hagel were, at the time they ran and worked as our mayor, retired civil servants with good pensions;  experienced professionals who were and are highly respected.  


I just hope our luck doesn't run out because it could and we could, at some point, be faced with a group of not-so-desirable candidates.


I think we've received good value over a number of years.  It's time to talk seriously about bumping up the salary for the position of Mayor in Moose Jaw.

Carnie's Comments - Nicknames

She said "Man, you are really upset about King George changing their school teams name to Cougars, eh?"  She heard me sounding off last week.


I made the comment "tongue in cheek".  I don't really care that much.  But I do disagree with it.  Who made that decision?  We were the Cobras when I went to King George. What was wrong with that?


Funny, other local schools have made changes over the years, too.  Remember when Central Collegiate's gym teams were called "Grads" and "Babes"?  I think they're all the Cyclones now, aren't they?


How about Peacock?  They've got Tornadoes in football but they're the Toilers in basketball.  Vanier has Vikings and the girls are Spirits.


Oh, and how about the Palliser Campus Panthers over at Sask Polytechnic.  The school used to be STI and the boys teams were called the Beavers.  What was wrong with that? Well, the girls were called the Beaverettes. what was wrong...with that.


Carnie's Comments - WARRIORS

It was a case of too little, too late.  And, even if they had made the playoffs, I don't think they'd have gone past the first round anyway.


Another Western Hockey League season is in the books for our Moose Jaw Warriors and for a 3rd year in a row, they did not make the playoffs.  It was a disappointing season for sure.


Long-time fans and supporters put out the call for the head scout's job earlier this year and they got their wish.  Rob Maclachlin was fired.  Now, some of those fans are saying general manager Alan Millar should be fired.  I don't agree.  I'll tell you why.


In my opinion, Millar made two moves that should buy him some time.  He fired Maclachlin and made a great trade when he acquired Axel Blomqvist from Victoria earlier this season. He proved he has backbone and a feel for what his team was lacking.  He has also taken professionalism and alumni relations to new levels and those were areas in desperate need of improvement.


My best guess is, Alan Millar has 'til Christmas.  My prediction is we'll be right behind the 1st place Brandon Wheat Kings at that time.


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