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Carnie's Comments - QUESTIONS

Questions.  We're full of 'em, aren't we?  


By definition, a "question" is:  a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information.  The answers aren't always satisfactory because some questions are inexplicable.


Like, what if, after 20 years and a farewell tour like no other, what if Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter decided to play one more year?


You know how, if you missed something or if you want to see it again, you can rewind your TV and watch it again?  Ya....doncha wish you could do that with your brain?  It happens in group have something to say and someone takes the conversation in another direction and you forget what you were going to say.  I hate that.


Have you ever left the house and realized you forgot your cel phone?  Did you panic?  Do you know why you panic?  Nope, me neither.


I wonder why they call it Kraft "Dinner" when we usually eat it at lunch time?  Is there anything better than Kraft Dinner at lunch time?  Campbell's tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich might come close.


Oh, and, remember when The Flintstones were on TV every day at lunch time?  What do the kids do at lunch time now?

Carnie's Comments - STARS / Childen's Hospital

We're doing it right.


Prosperity in Saskatchewan means more than jobs and opportunity and people making more money.  It means more than new cars and new houses and world class entertainment coming our way.


Yes, life is good in Saskatchewan and the new found prosperity means we can look after each other just a little bit better than before.


Our provincial government made some big splashes this week with the official sod turning at our new Children's Hospital in Saskatoon.  They'll use $235.5 million to build it.  The 176-bed facility will open in 3 years.


They also unveiled a new STARS air ambulance this week.  The helicopter and medical equipment is worth $16 million and we needed another $11 million for a new home base. PotashCorp picked up the entire tab...$27 million.  How's that for giving back?  Remarkable, to say the least.


We know life is precious.  The new air ambulance and children's hospital are going to save lives.  Yes, life is good in Saskatchewan.

Carnie's Comments - SIAST

Change is good, they say...and, most of the time, I think they are right.  However, sometimes change is very difficult to adjust to.  Case in point?  Name changes.


It was over 20 years ago now when 800 CHAB "Favourites of Yesterday and Today" made a format switch to country music and we changed our imaging...from our logo to our music to our people to our name.  We became "Country 800".  


Years later, when we added our first FM station and played country there, CHAB made the switch back to being 800 CHAB "The Greatest Hits of All Time".


It took us YEARS to get local people to refer to us as Country 800 and just when we were getting there...we changed again.  Confusion ensued and persists.  It's frustrating.


I think about this today as SIAST campuses changed their name yesterday.  We don't have SIAST - Palliser Campus anymore...we have "Saskatchewan Polytechnic".  


Oh, ya, there's new imaging and logos and letterhead and a marketing plan.  We'll hear it, we'll see it and we'll get it BUT, we won't call it Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  It'll take years and years for that to happen.


So, for now...I think I'll go back to calling the local campus what everybody else in the neighbourhood calls it.  STI.  What was wrong with that in the first place?

Carnie's Comments - ISIS

I don't know about you but I'm a little on edge. 


ISIS...the Islamic State of Iran and Syria is the reason.  One of their leaders issued instructions to their members this week.  Translated to English?  "If you can kill a disbelieving American or European, especially the spiteful, filthy French...or Australian or Canadian...kill him in any manner or way."


British Prime Minister David Cameron says he's certain ISIS is planning attacks in Europe.  He said "These people want to kill us...they've got us in their sights and we have to put together this make sure we ultimately destroy this evil organization."


He made those comments as the US and allies were hitting Syria with airstrikes.


What are we doing?  Well, Canada is sending 69 special forces personnel to serve as advisers to Iraqi forces as they battle ISIS militants.  Canada has also come up with $28 million in humanitarian aid to fight ISIS.


Prime Minister Harper says we are tracking the threats from ISIS closely and warns that we are at risk and we are targets.


It's most interesting to note, our federal government believes there are about 30 Canadians who are active in ISIS in Syria and, perhaps, dozens more elsewhere.  You wonder if Saskatchewan might be elsewhere, don't you?

Carnie's Comments - INFLATION

Premier Wall tells us all about it every chance he gets.


Our business commentator, Paul Martin, gives us a steady stream of good economic news.


If you take a look around Moose Jaw and Regina and, perhaps, even in your neighbourhood, you can probably see evidence of how good the local economy is doing.


The indicator is new vehicles.  Trucks and cars.  Nice, new trucks and cars and some with all the bells and whistles...and new technology.  


It used to be a rare sight to see a new BMW or Mercedes Benz in a local driveway.  That's not really the case anymore.


Fresh inflation numbers from Statistics Canada show Saskatchewan recorded the highest hyear-over-year increase in the purchase of passenger vehicles index.  We are also buying more expensive vehicles than we used to.


It's not just the doctors and lawyers and such driving the luxury units's the men and women working in the oil and potash industries.  Our friends and neighbours.

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