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Did you get your income tax done yet?  Have you started working on your income tax yet?  Do I make you anxious by asking those questions?


Finances can be stressful.  In fact, money is the #3 cause of divorce in North America.


And, the truth is, most of us in Canada live paycheque to paycheque.  


A recent survey shows while 88% of us file our taxes on time, more than half of us say the tax refunds we get are not even close to offsetting the high cost of living in our country.  We struggle to keep debt in check and to plan for the future.


Almost half of us live paycheque to paycheque and that means we have trouble saving money for retirement.


Did I make you anxious with these stats?  Sorry.  I just wanted you to're not alone.

Carnie's Comments - EMERGENCY ALERT

Well, it worked.  It did not work on the first try on Tuesday but last night it did.


It's the new National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination System.  "NAAD" they call it.


It's a new tool for broadcasters to alert you when there are emergency situations.  It's a partnership between government, The Weather Network and Environment Canada.


Extreme weather is the main focus for the system but it can and will be used for other situations, like forest fires that may threaten communities up north.  Warnings will also be issued for tornadoes, train derailments, industrial fires, water contamination, missing people and more. 


So, when danger is imminent in the local area, NAAD will interrupt programming on our radio stations; 800 CHAB, Country 100 and Mix 103.


Now, the next question is:  Do you have a battery operated radio?  The old school tool might be the most valuable part of your emergency kit in certain situations.  


The new NAAD public safety system...on Community Service Radio, 800 CHAB.

Carnie's Comments - CLEAN UNDERWEAR

"Always wear clean underwear.  You never know what's going to happen."


Did your mom ever tell you that?  It is a good rule to live by.  What if you were in an accident and your underwear was exposed to caregivers.  You'd be embarrassed if they were dirty, right?


You might also consider wearing a hard hat after what went down, or, rather, what came down in downtown Moose Jaw yesterday.  A rusty, old light pole broke and dropped to the ground, aided by a strong wind.  It happened at Fairford and Main, one of the busiest pedestrian corners in our city.  A 73 year old man was hit but suffered only minor injuries.  It could have been much, much worse.


Today the incident is getting attention from SaskPower, the owner of our light poles. They tell us they're working on a plan to replace the old ones.


The incident, to me, serves as a reminder of how precious life is.  


That was another favourite saying we grew up with.  "Enjoy life because you never know when it will end."  


Oh, and if you played hockey, your coach used to tell you to "keep your head up". That might be the best advice for locals today.

Carnie's Comments - STYX

If you're around the age of 50 you may remember.  If you joined the party crowd in your prime, you were probably one of the 7200 people who packed the Agridome to see STYX back in the 80's.  It was June 25th, 1981.  It was their "Paradise Theatre" tour.


STYX' latest record at that time was a concept album;  a fictional, musical and poetic account of Chicago's Paradise Theatre from its opening to closing and subsequent abandonment.  It was a metaphor for changing times.  It was brilliant and, in my opinion, a game changer for the pop music industry.


Think about it.  It was 1981.  Many of us were trying to shake off disco and many of us resisted the loud, predictable hair bands.  Pop music had lost direction.


That "Paradise Theatre" record from STYX gave us back some rock 'n roll and some songs to sing along to.  


34 years later, STYX brings their show on the road again.  They're playing Moose Jaw's Mosaic Place in November.  Tickets go on sale Friday. 

Carnie's Comments - SPRING

Ah, yes.....temperatures rising...lovely sunshine...yes, spring has sprung, the grass will soon rise,

Battered and bruised after a long winter, we Saskatchewan, that's no surprise.


But it's not all fun and games...we find out at this time of, for YOU.

There's the spring cleaning....sweeping...raking....and other tough jobs to do.


Ya gotta make the transition...and it ain't easy.....getting into the swing of spring.......

Ya gotta wash winter away....clean the windows...wash the car....and all your other things.


It takes motivation....spring time is WORK time.....there's so much in your life that has to change.....

Like sweaters for short sleeves....pants for shorts...the whole closet must be re-arranged.....


BUT....keep your chin can do it....just keep in mind what you already know......

Diggin' up the garden and raking the the heck out of shoveling snow.

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