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Carnie's Comments - RED RIDER

I know I was there...that much I remember.  I couldn't say exactly when it happened or how it happened but it did happen.  I remember Tom Cochrane and Red Rider playing the old Moose Jaw Civic Centre.  I mentioned it on the Morning Show yesterday coming out of their hit "White Hot".


Well, some remember some things better than others.  My long time local media colleague Joyce Walter reminded me.


Her e-mail yesterday explained Red Rider played here in the summer of '83.  They were supposed to play outdoors at the old grandstand at the exhibition grounds for the Hometown Fair but rain and mud forced the show indoors.  


Volunteers built a stage overnight and people lined up for hours to get in.  A group of bikers from Montana came north for the show.  


I don't remember all of that but I do remember the show and the sound being awful in our old rink. 


Joyce recalls security checking bags for alcohol and then seeing the floor at the Civic Centre littered with booze bottles after the show.  She says Red Rider merchandise came close to selling out and their management said it was a concert to remember.


Joyce remembers.  And, I'm glad she does.

Carnie's Comments - RIVERSIDE MISSION

It's really a wonderful story.  The kind of story that reminds us there are good people out there and that Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada is a great place to live.


The Riverside Mission, the local non-profit, Christian humanitarian organization that responds to the needs of the less fortunate, put out their summer newsletter a few weeks ago.  It includes at update on operations and a call for donations.  One of the priorities was a reliable vehicle.  


It only took a few days.


A local man called the mission and talked to Executive Director Scott Elger who explained why a vehicle is needed and what it would be used for.  That man then told Elger to go ahead and find the vehicle needed and he'd pay for it.  


The Riverside Mission has a 2013 Dodge van this week.  It has room for plenty of passengers and lots of cargo space.  The donation was made anonymously.  


How good is that?

Carnie's Comments - PERSPECTIVE

It's one of my favourite phrases;  "If you put things in perspective."  What does it mean?  Well,  by definition, "perspective" is "a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something;  a point of view.


Our points of view change as we age.  How so?  Think about this and, I'll just pick a year;


Let's go with 1982.  In 1982 I was in my 3rd year of high school.  The songs they played on the radio from the '50's and '60's were "oldies".  Think about that.  That music wasn't really that old then.  It's old now.


In 1982 we were only 37 years removed from the end of World War II.  Think about that.  37 years ago today we were enjoying the summer of 1977.  Pierre Trudeau was our Prime Minister and Elvis Presley died.  That doesn't seem like that long ago, does it?  Now think about how fresh the memories of World War II must have been for our parents and grandparents.  


Oh, and by the way, we still don't call old songs "oldies".  We call them "The Greatest Hits of All Time" on 800 CHAB because...we all have a different perspective.

Carnie's Comments - WARRIORS COACH

He knows how to win.  He has been a champion.


He knows there's a price to pay along the way.  You can see it on his face and in his eyes.


He is Tim Hunter.  Born in Calgary and raised on hockey.  He played in the Western Hockey League with the Seattle Breakers before literally fighting his way to the National Hockey League and a remarkable 15 year playing career with Calgary, Quebec, Vancouver and San Jose.  Hunter has been coaching since his playing career ended in 1997.


He makes it clear that he wants to be a head coach at the top level and he needs some experience in that position before he takes the next step.  He is in Moose Jaw to coach the Warriors and make his dream come true.


The introduction of Hunter as the Warriors' new head coach yesterday generated a lot of positive reaction including an endorsement from the greatest Warrior of all time, Theo Fleury who, on Twitter, said:  "Congrats to my old "liny" Tim Hunter on being hired by @MJWARRIORS.  Great hockey town with great fans.  You guys are gonna love this guy.


Well, Theo...I don't think we Warrior fans are in love just yet but we are finding Mr. Hunter rather attractive.

Carnie's Comments - LOCAL FOOD

I'm so encouraged.  It's something I believe is important.  Growing and sharing our own food.


I'm lucky.  I've been gardening since I could walk.  I learned the skills required to grow a nice vegetable garden.  It's really not that difficult.  Oh, it takes some hard work and you have to be vigilant in your maintenance but it's most satisfying to reap the rewards.


We, as a community, have been making some progress.  We have developed some beautiful community gardens.  The local farmer's market has expanded to 2 days this summer and we'll be seeing more and more locally grown produce in local grocery stores.  South Hill Fine Foods has offered it for as long as I can remember and now the CO-OP Market Place has announced they will do the same.  In fact, CO-OP stores across the province are involved in the partnership with "Prairie Fresh Food Corporation", a group of 16 producers growing and marketing 80 acres of fresh food under the "Home Grown Saskatchewan" brand.


I think it's great news.  I think it's a great initiative.  I hope you support it.

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