800 CHAB

800 CHAB's "Cattle Call"


800 CHAB is celebrating Heartland ranchers! If you raise cattle, we want to know about your operation AND have you join us for the “Cattle Call”!

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to tell us about your cattle operation, your herd and we might feature you with our “Cattle Call” on the 800 CHAB morning show with Rob Carnie.  And we've rounded up some big prizes – like a skill saw from Castle Building Centre, 20 steaks from Jerky Boys Meats In Lumsden..and a brand new BBQ to grill them on from Canadian Tire Moose Jaw!

The Cattle Call is sponsored by:







And the heartland's voice of agiculture, 800 CHAB

C.A.S.T. Calls for "Sensible Taxation"

In fact, C.A.S.T. is an acronym for "Citizens Advocating for Sensible Taxation".  City councilor Don Mitchell and friends are getting their message out as we wait for city council to make decisions on how we're going to fund our multi-million dollar cast iron water main replacement program.  C.A.S.T. believes we should all be chipping in for this one.  YOU can have your say by answering the questions on the City of Moose Jaw's website.  CLICK HERE

And, for more from councilor Mitchell and C.A.S.T. member Jennie Wilson, listen to their visit with CHAB's Rob Carnie in the podcast section on this page.

Don and Jennie


Gillies Comin' Home

Moose Jaw's "Favourite Son", Clark Gillies, is coming back to his old stompin' grounds to help us raise some money for the new arena in Assiniboia!  And, as you'll hear in the interview in the podcast section on this page, Clark bought his first car in Assiniboia back in the early '70's. 

This is an autographed photo our "Robby" Carnie cherishes.  Clark's late father, Don, brought it home to Moose Jaw for him after a trip to Long Island.

If you want more info on the Assiniboia Sports Celebrity Dinner, click HERE!

Clark Gillies

Got Lunch? Snacks?

"Eating 9 to 5 - Solutions to Common Workday Challenges" - The theme for National Nutrition Month.  The message?  Take time to manage your time and your meals and snacks.  It has been found we are sometimes in too much of a hurry to eat a proper breakfast in the morning and that often leads to grabbing a donut or a candy bar.  That's not good. 

Local FHHR Public Health Nutritionist Melanie Warken joined us on The Heartland at Noon to talk about the mistakes we make and to offer solutions, ideas and reference material we can all use.  Listen to her interview in the podcast section of this page.


Melanie Warken 2

9th Annual 800 CHAB Family First Radiothon

It's all set!  The 800 CHAB Family First Radiothon for the Moose Jaw Health Foundation.  We're "equipping the hospital of tomorrow...today" on May 8th and 9th.  We'll broadcast for 36 hours straight in hopes you will help us raise $750,000 this year.  That would be a new radiothon record!  Moose Jaw Health Foundation Executive Director Kelly McElree and Regional Director of Diagnostics Patti Shirkey joined our Rob Carnie to make the announcement and share the details!