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Guys and Dolls from CCI

Students, staff and friends off Central Collegiate Institute in Moose Jaw present Guys and Dolls at the Mae Wilson Theatre this Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at the Mae Wilson Theatre.  (November 27-28-29).  Talissa Edwards, Mackenzie Verhelst, Parker Chow and Jory Litt-Jukes were in for a recent edition of The Heartland at Noon to tell us all about it.  Listen to their visit with our Rob Carnie in the podcast section on this page.



True Patriot Love

Local pilots from 15 Wing - Moose Jaw are asking for your support at the Safeway store this week in Moose Jaw as they raise money to support veterans and their families.  Details in the podcast section of this page with Captain Simon Hogg and Captain Ross Harbottle in conversation with 800 CHAB's Rob Carnie.

Captains Hogg  Harbottle

Moose Jaw Man Turns 105 Years Old!

His name is Miles Huntley.  He's so old his own children are senior citizens now!  He thinks that's funny.  We had a number of people let us know about Miles' birthday recently and he won the flowers from Evans Florist, which we give away on the Birthday and Anniversary Calendar every weekday on 800 CHAB.  800 CHAB's Rob Carnie took some time to visit with Miles this week over at his new home, Extendicare.  Miles says the caregivers there are treating him very well and he still enjoys the simple things in life like good company and having a laugh!  Listen to his conversation with Carns in the podcast section of this page.

Miles Huntley

Making Music and Talking Tour

She's happy and healthy and busy again!  The legendary Susan Jacks is re-releasing a great record, planning to record some new stuff and thinking about hitting the road for some shows in the near future.  Learn more at www.susanjacks.com and, listen to her talk with 800 CHAB's Rob Carnie in the podcast section on this page. 

Susan Jacks

Vanier Students Present "Oliver"

Yes, at the Mae Wilson Theatre in Moose Jaw!  Jake Heisler, Abbi Flanagan and Ryan Wheler were on The Heartland at Noon on Monday to tell our listeners all about the production and the fun they've had putting it together.  Listen to the pocast on this page and get your tickets for the show at Vanier Collegiate!Vanier OLIVER