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New Book - Old Recipes

And what a wonderful collection it is!  Photos, stories and yes, recipes passed down for generations...in Saskatchewan.  Amy Jo Ehman, who grew up on a farm near Craik, offers up her 2nd book "Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens".  She talked with 800 CHAB's Rob Carnie recently.  You'll find the interview in the podcast section of this page.

Amy Jo Ehman

All Business...and Marketing!

Sask Polytechnic (formerly SIAST Palliser Campus) students were in recently to find out how we go about business and marketing for our clients and how we market ourselves at 800 CHAB and Golden West - Moose Jaw.

Richelle, (Rob Carnie), Meghan, Jori and Pedro told us about their education, the opportunities and more.  Find the interview in the podcast section of this page.

Sask Polytechnic Students

WOW! Nice Donation to Hunger in Moose Jaw

Like our city's slogan says, "Surprisingly Unexpected".  Local organization Hunger in Moose Jaw recently received a $40,000 grant from a source many might consider "unlikely".  The Newman's Own Foundation is to thank.  Listen to Hunger in Moose Jaw's Carol Acton, in conversation with CHAB's Rob Carnie, in the podcast section of this page.

Newmans Own

Reflecting on the Growing Season

Keri Fox of Green Sister Gardens, a local, organic operation, joined 800 CHAB's Rob Carnie for a recent edition of The Heartland at Noon.  Keri is one of a few local market gardeners who actually make their living growing and marketing.  Find out how she does it by listening to the interview in the podcast section of this page.

Keri Fox 1

Ask the Mayor

Moose Jaw Mayor Deb Higgins is proud of the job City of Moose Jaw employees and local contractors have been doing on our roads and sidewalks.  They have made progress in the past few weeks!  Listen to our latest edition of "Ask the Mayor" in the podcast section on this page.

Mayor Higgins