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Back to School in Holy Trinity

The good folks at the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division will welcome students back on the Tuesday after Labour Day.  Acting Education Director Geri Hall tells us about some changes, challenges and facility upgrades in an interview with CHAB's Rob Carnie. (Podcast section on this page).

Geri Hall

Ready for School in Prairie South

Meet the local Prairie South School Division's new Director of Education, Tony Baldwin!

Tony holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Regina and a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership from San Diego State University.

He just finished as Superintendent of Education with Sun West School Division, (Rosetown) where his primary responsibilities were with school operations in 12 schools and strategic improvement planning. 

Tony has previously had responsibility for School Community Councils, Technology and Distance Learning, and Home-Based Education.  He has strong professional interests including community involvement in school-level decision-making.

Tony has presented a variety of in-services on parent and community engagement, and is currently a member of a team that is working on developing an early warning system for students who are at risk of not graduating.  Prior to his work as a Superintendent, Tony was the principal at Davidson High School for 11 years, a teacher at Chaplin School, and an instructor at the Canadian Forces Fleet School in Esquimalt, British Columbia.

Tony and his wife, Sandra, have three daughters: Nicole, 20; Kimberley, 18; and Kaitlyn, 16.  Sandra is a High School math and science teacher in Davidson.

Tony recently joined 800 CHAB's Rob Carnie for a visit on The Heartland at Noon.


Tony Baldwin Prairie South.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Have you done it yet?  Have you made a donation?  Thousands and thousands of big name celebrities AND every day people like us are having a lot of fun with it as we raise money and awareness for ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease, with the Ice Bucket Challenge.  You can learn more and make a donation by going to the ALS Saskatchewan website.


Here's an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that doesn't end like most.  Watch and enjoy as former CHAB announcer Bryn Griffiths does his thing!  Thanks for sharing, Bryn!


Bryn Griffiths

Cadets Recruiting

The 1856 Moose Jaw Schools Cadet Corps is calling on local families to consider dropping into their open house on the evening of September 4th at the local armoury.  2 Lt. Teryn Burgess brought Cpl. Anna Claffey and Warrant Officer Gregory Douglas into 800 CHAB to share the details and to tell us about the cadet camps they attended this summer.  The interview is in the podcast section on this page. 

Cpl. Claffey and W.O. Douglas posed for a photo with our Rob Carnie during The Heartland at Noon.

Cadets One

Rider Pride Alive Across Canada


Former Saskatchewan resident Colleen Sutton has had sucess across Canada with her "Rider Girl" one-woman show about what it means to be a Roughriders fan


In some ways, it confirmed what we already knew - "everyone" in Canada loves the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Or, at least, they know and respect the team.  A recent nationwide survey by Insightrix saw the Saskatchewan Roughriders finish as the third-most recognized sporting brand in Canada, behind only the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL.   Craig Hemingway spoke with Mario Caceres, senior research anaylst at Insightrix about the survey, and about Mario's own introduction to "Rider Pride" (Mario is originally from Honduras)  Here are some of the survey results:

Most Respected 
1)Montreal Canadiens – 22.6%
2)Saskatchewan Roughriders – 12.2%
3)Toronto Blue Jays – 9.1%
4)Montreal Alouettes – 7.5%

Perception of Popularity
1)Montreal Canadiens – 20.8%
2)Saskatchewan Roughriders – 16.5%
3)Toronto Maple Leafs – 15.0%
4)Montreal Alouettes – 7.2%

Perception Most Loyal Fans
1)Montreal Canadiens – 22.5%
2)Saskatchewan Roughriders – 22.1%
3)Toronto Maple Leafs – 19.9%
4)Toronto Raptors – 6.7%

Perception of Best Stadium/Arena Atmosphere
1)Montreal Canadiens – 24.4%
2)Saskatchewan Roughriders – 16.2%
3)Toronto Maple Leafs – 10.5%
4)Toronto Raptors (Tie) – 6.9%
4)Montreal Alouettes (Tie) – 6.9%

First Brand that Comes to Mind 
1)Toronto Blue Jays – 19.2%
2)Montreal Canadiens – 18.5%
3)Toronto Maple Leafs – 14.8%
4)Toronto Raptors – 12.3%

Canadian Professional Sports Brand Ranking (Based on combined weighted results)
First: Montreal Canadiens
Second: Toronto Maple Leafs
Third: Saskatchewan Roughriders
Fourth: Toronto Blue Jays

- See more at: http://insightrix.com/montreal-canadiens-top-sports-brand-canada/#sthash.sVVrRxKM.dpuf