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Temple Gardens Painting Explained

Moose Jaw artist Yvette Moore stands proudly with a print of her painting of  Temple Gardens, the storied dance hall and social centre that once stood on Langdon Crescent in downtown Moose Jaw.  Guests at the upcoming "Temple Gardens Ballroom Rockin' Celebration" will have the opportunity to buy prints and artcards this Labour Day Weekend.  The original painting remains on display in our community.  Where?  Listen to Yvette's visit with CHAB's Rob Carnie in the podcast section.

Yvette Moore

I Am Hutterite

Although she left her colony many years ago when she was a child, Mary-Ann Kirkby still calls herself "Hutterite".  Her award winning, first book "I Am Hutterite" was a best seller and the sequel is getting good reviews.  "Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen" deals with the secrets told and the secret ingredients in some wonderful recipes! 

Some Hutterite people are not pleased with Mary-Ann and her writing.  In fact, one local Hutterite man scolded her in public at Moose Jaw's Saskatchewan Festival of Words.  Mary-Ann told 800 CHAB's Rob Carnie all about it on The Heartland at Noon recently.  Listen to the conversation in the podcast section on this page.

Mary-Anne Kirkby

A&W Show & Shine!

A&W Show and Shine, just off the highway, on your Thursday night (July 17,2014)

  The picture above, does not even justify all the incredible vehicles at this years annual, A&W Show and Shine. Vehicles ranging from the 1920's to early 1990's where showing up from all sorts of locations, in mint condition. We were able to speak with some of the owner's and each and everyone one, couldn't be more proud to be there, showing off their vehicles. Show and Shine's are some of Summer's main attractions, as people come from all over just to show off their fantastic vehicles. We had a great warm night for this event, not only was their the attraction of the cars, but being at A&W you were able to grab a burger, some fries, and walk around filling that dinner appetite, with an amazing viewing!!

Sandy Creek Gospel Jamboree

A star-studded list of gospel stars mixed in with some up-and-coming local artists will come together this weekend (July 18, 19 & 20) at Besant Park and Campground.  All the info you need is right HERE and you can hear more about the show with long time volunteer Wayne Sannes, in conversation with CHAB's Rob Carnie, in the podcast section on this page.

Sandy Creek One


Rory Returns!


Rory stopped by The Heartland At Noon on Friday to promote his next show at the Mae Wilson

Rory Allen is set to return to Moose Jaw.  His latest Elvis tribute show is called "Rock 'N Roll Is Here To Stay" and will not only feature all the Elvis Presley classics you've come to love, but a few other 50's and 60's hits will get sprinkled in.  Get your tickets today for the show, which is presented by 800 CHAB and Casino Moose Jaw.