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Rowdy River Street Won't Be Back


river streetAt one point, River Street was known for liquor and wild times, Mayor Deb Higgins looks to prevent "adult entertainment" from returning to the downtown core

Despite Moose Jaw's shady past with alcohol and adult entertainment on River Street, Mayor Deb Higgins believes there is little appetite for those days to return to the downtown core.

With new legislation that will allow adult entertainment where alcohol is served, both Regina and Saskatoon have taken steps to keep strippers and wet T-shirt contests in the industrial areas.

"You don't want it in your downtown core and for certain, you don't want it in our residential." said Higgins when asked if she thinks there's an appetite for adult shows in Moose Jaw. "I will start the conversations here with the city manager and others. I think we need to be proactive and I think council needs to have a discussion on this instead of waiting for a business person to come forward with a proposal."

Higgins likes the approach that Saskatoon is taking, a process that actually started last year.  Just last week, Regina started down a similar path but is also working on rules to limit current businesses from engaging in adult entertainment.

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