Accepting Applications for "River's Edge"

Blanchard Build 2012The new "River's Edge" rental units are nearing completion Many Moose Jaw families are expected to start applying for one of 28 new affordable rental units, on the south side of the city, as construction on Maple Street East is nearing completion.

With $2.6 million in funding support from the federal and provincial levels of government, Blanchard Holdings broke ground and quickly began working on the $3.9 million development last summer.

River's Edge Apartment Homes is comprised of three structures.  14 units will be two bedroom, 900 square foot homes and the other 14 will be three bedroom, 1,350 square foot units.

"There's lots of size and everything is built to the highest standards," explains Jon Blanchard, president of Blanchard Holdings.  "We've used all energy efficient materials and appliances."

The two bedroom units will be rented for $800 per month while the three bedroom units will go for $910. Rents are based on averages in local market and, Blanchard says, these rates are below the average rental rates determined by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Tenants are determined through an application process, rather than a "first come, first serve" basis.  Blanchard says he is currently accepting applications for each of the suites and hopes to complete that process soon.  Ideally, he'd like to have 12 of the 28 occupants moved in by March.

"They have to be under a certain maximum income level," he says.  "People with dependants will be given first priority but that doesn't mean people without dependants can't occupy the suites."

Potential tenants can click here for an application form.