Howden Returns!



As the Moose Jaw Warriors practice Monday afternoon, a familiar body walked thru the Civic Centre doors.

Quinton Howden returned to the friendly city after attending his first NHL camp with the Florida Panthers.

Howden first attending rookie camp and then received and invitation to main camp, which he said was quit the jump.

"In rookie camp your going against some guys your own age or two to three years older than you.  Then you hop into main camp and going against guys who could potentially be your father.  It was a bit step, but I just tried to calm myself down and enjoy the moment being there," said Howden.

Howden wasn't the only player at Panthers camp with Warrior roots.

"It was pretty neat.  I knew about (Keaton) Ellerby, (Brady) Calla, and (Kendal) McArdle.  (Nathan) Paetsch came up to me and started having a conversation about Moose Jaw.  It made me settle down and realize that these guys are coming from where I come from, and hopefully I can make it to where they are one day," said Howden.

After hearing the news that he was being sent back to junior hockey, Howden says the Panthers told him what they'd like him to work on.

"Some of my stick handling, moving the puck a little quicker, getting a quicker shot off.  The NHL is a big step, you don't have time with the puck anymore.  It's a big adjustment but little things that can help me get there."

Howden will be back on the ice with the Warriors Tuesday for practice, and then it's expected he'll make his regular season debut Wednesday against Brandon.

James Gallo talks with Quinton Howden about his first NHL Camp.