Paperless Tickets Implemented


The next concert you buy tickets for, might not actually have tickets. TicketMaster is moving to a new paperless system where your credit card is treated as the ticket.

The idea has been tried before, but today it reached new levels. 40% of the tickets sold for the Justin Bieber concert at the Brandt Centre were of the paperless variety.

It's aim is to stop scalping, a problem that sparked controversy during ticket sales for the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Elton John and the Eagles. Fans tried to by tickets through TicketMaster, but they were sold out. Minutes later tickets appeared on scalping websites.

Officials at the Brandt Centre believe the plan has worked. When it comes to buying tickets as a gift, parents will have to drop their kids off at the concert and then swipe their credit card. It may be a bit of a hassle, but officials believe it's better than trying to deal with scalpers.

"The rule is that you need the credit card and the picture ID," said Brandt Centre Director Graham Edge. "Obviously, with the Justin Bieber show we'll make some exceptions."

Since tickets to Justin Bieber went on-sale this morning, paperless tickets have already shown up on the Internet for re-sale. Officials are warning us the original credit card used on TicketMaster must be scanned in order to get in the door.