Red Cross Helping Family After Fire

Oxford Street Fire December 8 2012The cause of the fire at this home on Oxford Street West is still undeterminedEmergency responders said a Moose Jaw family of 6 was "lucky to be alive" after escaping a house fire on Oxford Street West Saturday morning.  A passerby happened to notice the flames and reportedly ran inside the burning home to warn anyone that may have been living there.

A mother and her five children, newcomers to Moose Jaw from Somalia, managed to get out safely while the stranger who ran inside suffered smoke inhilation and had to be taken to hospital.  Firefighters fought the blaze for three hours and, as of Monday, had not determined an exact cause.

The Moose Jaw branch of the Canadian Red Cross has been working with the family to provide emergency food, shelter and clothing since the time fire ripped through their home on Saturday.

"They are newcomers to Saskatchewan and they haven't been here very long," says Judi Robertson.  "And I do know that they won't be going back to their home anytime soon."

In circumstances like this, the Moose Jaw branch of the Canadian Red Cross provides emergency shelter for up to 72 hours and, as part, works with other groups like the Salvation Army and the Moose Jaw Multi-Cultural Council to ensure the family's needs are met going forward.

"The Moose Jaw Multi-Cultural Council is working with the family on what's next," Robertson said.  Details on how the public can assist the family in their time of need are still being worked out.

Damage to their home is estimated at $75,000.